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My story is very new and if it appeals to you, I hope you’ll give it a shot.


Someone or something is snatching innocents from our town and leaving a trail of bodies in their wake. Mutilated bodies. We’ve all become desensitized over the years almost to the cruel end of expecting more horror when we wake up each day.

Baine was the only friend at my sixth birthday party and he was my only friend the day he disappeared. Our Sheriff dragged in his hotshot nephew now that the case has gotten out of hand and all eyes have turned to me not as the suspect, but as the missing phrase to an unfathomable riddle. Grief takes a backseat as I watch the new Detective Donn Cross’ ambitions match my own.

‘I see it in their eyes when they pass me by, slowing down just enough to smile pitifully or click their tongues. They didn’t lose their loved one so they have the right to condescend on my loss instead. Despite it all, I won’t give up on bringing Baine home.’


here’s a story about a boy and his dog, grab some tissues.


Hello @AndyLindPulpFiction I am Apple and I am all new to Wattpad period. I have been enjoying being here so far. I hope you enjoy my debut novel. Thank you in advance for your time. Pssst…you can judge this book by the cover.


I have tonight off work, so I plan on using this time to catch up and read some of your stories. Thank you all for giving me a chance to read your stuff.


I can suggest my werewolf story (technically at five chapters,) but it is very different from the traditional werewolf story, I promise.

It is called New Sight, and here is the link if you are intrigued.

Here is a little bit of the summary to poke your interest:
Twenty-year-old Katrina Monich is a scholar studying abroad far from her home in South Africa. After an ominous meeting with a male at three in the morning, a strange domino effect seems to fall in place. From her content two years in Maryland to an unknown desolate land miles away, Katrina feels as though things are not as they seem. And perhaps she is right.


•Hi there, Im new to Wattpad, my story isn’t up yet, not until early next month. Ive been working on it for 8 years and are finally happy enough with the story and my writing style to let the world see my brainchild.
Our Brother’s Creed, book 1 - Tortaria, is an urban sic fi (Similar to firefly), epic, tragic, drama. Being someone that has watched horror movies her life doesn’t truly now what’s a good age for my story. I think 15+ is a good start, the book is violent and does start out graphic.

•Ill give you the backing of the book. I do know there are mistakes in it. just step over those.

In a galactic realm home to humans, gifted beings, flying ships, grand cities, mystical creatures and advanced technology; a threat that had disappeared over a decade ago has suddenly returned. Hunters. Who was once a violent group of mercenaries that are now an organized brigade of solders, murdering small isolated villages and town.

But before many worlds become fully aware of their movements, a village in the cotton region, in the world known as Coiz, was brutally ambushed. Where a single eleven year old girl was taken; Dawn Zycrow. However, once in the hands of the Hunters, Dawn is recruited to their training camp with many other stolen children.

Dealing with years of hardship of being with the hunters before finally escaping, taken an unbearable toll on Dawn; making it too much for her, when an unforeseen mystery about a prophecy surfaces. This leads many people to believe that Dawn’s unfortunate past to be no coincidence.

Between her life being in danger since birth, to being chased by the leader of the hunters, all the while with a creed, which seems to have more say in what happens to her then she does; what kind of fate does Dawn Zycrow truly have?

Chronicles of Our Brother’s Creed series


Very good stuff. I just finished reading your chapters. Thank you very much for telling me about it.


It sounds really good, I can’t wait to read some of it.


I just started writing and is my second book, first fiction. Hope you read it.

It is a story about a rural girl who is ruled by social norms, until finally she starts realising that she is destroying her life by staying in this marriage.
Not the greatest blurb but this is it.

" What you have seen all your life, becomes normal, even if it is horrifying for others, who have never seen or experienced it."

It is only when her old best friend points out just how toxic relation she is in does Devaki start to question if it is WORTH staying in a bad relation to ESCAPE the scorn of the society, to escape her parents’ wrath, to be a good girl.

" If you need any help, any time you feel this is not working, call me and I’ll be at your service."

And so starts the struggle of swimming against the flow of river. Time to do what is not normal. Time to go against social norms. Time to ASPIRE. Time to INSPIRE. Time to LIVE life.


Hello there!

I’ve got 3 works for you that could fit the bill. One’s poetry, another is an environmental awareness piece, and the third is really more of a horror piece but I’m trying to get it into a contest so it’s genre is scifi purely because it’s set in space. They can all be found here: @Svoosh

I hope you’ll consider any one of them and even if you don’t happy reading!


The story in question has three chapters, but I haven’t updated for long. It’s called Pricky Pallies and it’s now posted on @leighyeann. It stands at 97 reads and, no, it’s not teen drama. The MCs are 20-21.

Alternatively, I have some other stories that meet the brief. One is Living with Pernille Simmons on @breatheing, a story involving a mysterious secret project which has five chapters currently - but I also have on that account other stories such as Where Are You? (the story of a young man in his 20s who realizes that he no longer needs his toxic ex-girlfriend in his life; 2 chapters) or Night on the Run (a teen adventure story that sees a set of triplets who are looking for their little sister, whereas the latter deals with running away from the woman who’s keeping her in poor conditions and her daughter; 2 chapters)

If you prefer urban fantasy, you may like Bytlaine & Harlough on @Rhittee (2 chapters) - it talks about a girl and a boy realizing that they have powers and learning how to control them properly. On that same account, however, I also have a particular thriller, Left Behind, which involves dolls and babysitting (one chapter).


Almost all of my works meet your criteria, but I will show my favorite

Title: Rise From Ashes: Ariel
Genre: fantasy-romance
Chapters: 2

I hope you enjoy reading it


Here’s mine, newly published.

Hope you enjoy :cherry_blossom:


Hey, guess what? My new book doesn’t fit any of those categories you hate! It’s adult, “Chicklit” (I like to call it contemporary romance) with mystery and suspense. I’d be thrilled if you checked it out. It currently only has one chapter, but I’m updating every Saturday.


Anonymously Yours

NEWLY PUBLISHED! Check out Chapter 1 now!

Megan enjoys a bit of anonymity. See, she writes for an advice column. No one is supposed to know it’s her dealing out all that relationship advice. But one day it becomes scarily clear that someone DOES know who she is…and they might be dangerous.

Could it be her best friend and roommate, Betsy? Will, her best friend from childhood? Could it be one of her coworkers? Or someone hidden in the shadows?

Follow along with Megan as she attempts to figure out who’s sending the hate mail, all while she juggles a life of best friends and potential love.

  • New chapters every Saturday. *


I update Fridays and possibly Wednesdays!

Princess Jade Aries is cursed, her heart is as cold as the ice and snow she creates, and she loves only one person: her brother. But in order for her to keep her throne as queen, as queen is the married title of a royal, she must marry and she has no intention of getting married. That is until her father arranges a gala for her to choose a husband before her 16th birthday.

When four princes come into her life to steal her heart in the names of their queens, she steps back from modern fantasy as they attempt to win her icy heart. But she meets a prince named Harley Boisse, who she believes she loves, and questions what she knows about love. Was it wonderful or a hidden monster?

Can anyone claim her icy heart?


I full fill you top 4

1 new
2 8 views
3 4 chapters
4 working on new chapters

Bottom 3 don’t match as my genre is




Hi, in my mystery titled "Tom Boy" the narrator is looking for a sister that may have joined a cult.

Here’s the link:


This is a completed prequel (and basically undiscovered) story of less than 13,000 words.

The short blurb is:

“Why’d you go to New Mexico in 1993? To infiltrate a cult to find your missing sister of course!”

"CHOOSE YOUR OWN GENRE" - You as the reader get to decide how the sequel will continue on.

This prequel is less than 13,000 words. I just wrapped up this prequel a few days ago (6 votes now!).

Sequel choices include thrillers and the supernatural. So @AndyLindPulpFiction please say where you prefer it to go.


Do the horror story! Your idea for that grabbed my attention. I absolutely loved your story. Not too many people can write in the 2nd Person but you did a wonder job of it!


Hi, wonder if you’re still looking for newbies. I have ‘A Stolen Name’ which might the bill of what you’re looking for. Depending on what you count teenage drama… the main character is a teen (but considered adult in-world) and it’s a YA fantasy (that reads a lot like a historical) with some coming of age themes. It only has 2 chapters so far so here’s the summary anyway:

‘Ambition for power is poison for youngest daughters.’

It was a bitter pill swallow, but she accepted it. Her betrothal to Count Hezarie’s heir. Again, it took time, but she accepted it. The mediocrity she felt every time she compared herself with her larger-than-life siblings. She accepted that too. That was to be her place in life, after all. As long as she smiled her perfect smile and obeyed her mother’s orders in public, she could spend her days playing with knives, honing her body into a weapon and dropping by the unsavoury parts of the city to lose the boredom chasing her tail.

But when news of her father’s conquest over yet another country reaches their city, a friend’s betrayal cuts deeper than her many knives and names are stolen.

Of course, no stolen name comes without strings attached and each string tugs and twists for another dance from the marionette.

Her mother had warned against power, but now it was her only path to survival.

What a joke, she thought. A marionette bidding for power.