The next writer...


Well yes, but not for real life. If you know the game Fireboy and Watergirl, then I wrote a fanfic for that once.

The next writer speaks multiple languages


i speak a bit of Indonesian
the next writer owns a fantasy sword replica



The next writer watch Cinefix videos



The next writer has a story with 50 (or more) parts/chapters


I wish.

The next writer has a completed story already



The next writer used to or already is in an emo phase.



The next writer speaks fluent sarcasm



the next writer loves math


In what universe?

The next writer writes mystery


Nope but I like reading it

The next writer has homework


Due tomorrow? I finished it. Due later this week? Ah crap I have an essay I haven’t started.

The next writer is in high school


Nope college
The next writer is a pantser


Um not really, I’d say. Oh wait I am. I’m so spontaneous it’s annoying.

The next writer is a sucker for romance


You got me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The next writer has more than 1 sibling


Nope just one who is a total jer- I mean, he’s great!

The next writer is the youngest


The next writer knows at least 10 words in 3 languages


Yep. I’m actually trilingual, and I’m learning 2 more languages.

The next writer is a writer of color


Woah. Impressive

Yup. Asian American.
The next writer likes writing more than planning


Thank you! (Also Asian American) and yes I do. I never ever ever ever plan lmao.

The next writer speaks more than one language


Cool. And I’m the opposite, lol. I like planning but execution is more difficult.

Define “speaks.” I know some Spanish and some Sign language to get by, but not completely fluently

The next writer is a night owl