The Notre Dame is on fire and I feel like crying


I’ve heard the wooden framework was still medieval. And the art inside of it certainly was medieval.


No, article I read agrees with you - it was not being maintained as much as it should have been


Regarding to the records, Notre Dame was almost rebuilt from scratch at least once. That was in the time of Napoleon.


And really, with how much it draws from tourists, I have a really have a hard time excusing how badly it was being maintained


What sources are saying it was badly maintained?


Well, yes, I agree.

(Maybe if we get lucky this will contribute to the government falling. Not to make this political but…)


mentions they were trying to get more restoration money last year


Just read up about the restauration. It was due to the fact that the statues were literally crumbling from the walls. There were areas around Notre Dame that were blocked off, because of Gargoyles and other decorations falling down. They already had a small “graveyard” with stones they were hoping to restore to their former state.


Construction was working on the attic, where the fire is believed to have started. At this point, the left tower is on fire and most of the roof looks like its gone


That’s so sad! But I get that it’s very expensive to maintain.


It’s a huge patriotic symbol. It’s honestly devastating


I may have poorly phrased it, but it’s more about how badly in need of repairs it has been for years with people kinda dragging their feet on funding it. If things had been kept up with better at an earlier point, they wouldn’t likely be as dire at this point. Last bit is just my opinion from working in maintenance (granted, that was industrial and I’m sure there’s quite a difference).


Yes, but I’m not sure how that matters here – since it probably was because of construction that it caught fire.


Obviously it matters that they were not maintaining it, or they wouldn’t have needed to perform risky construction.

(It’s not even certain that it was caused by said construction.)


Yeah, I’m sorry, I’m really emotional so my brain is not working well.


No problem, it happens


CNN hasn’t mentioned anything about risky construction. Where did you get this info?


Well, I was presuming the construction was risky if that’s what caused the fire as you said was a possibility.


Well, mistakes are easily made by construction workers. Like faulty machines. That’s always a risk during construction.


Well, it was risky in terms of flammable materials being stored in the roof area, but the construction itself was not risky, but necessary restauration. It was basically the effort to stabilize the facade and the statues on top, because they had become a lethal hazard in the state befor the fire.