The Notre Dame is on fire and I feel like crying

I wouldn’t blame the workers without evidence.

Good point, I just mean that any reconstruction work has inherent risks attached.

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Right now police have guessed it was something simple like a candle falling over (although we won’t know for a while). That’s coming from an exchange student I know living in France. Construction had been at a standstill for ages



I’m not blaming anyone, but they said it was a big possibility.

i feel like i have lost a part of me


This is actually and literally a tragedy.

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There’s a light… I read the work of arts were saved and no report of injuries!


The first articles are there. The fire is still there and it will probably take a few days to extinguish it completely, but it looks like the firefighters managed to save the overall structure of the cathedral and officials are confident that they will be able to restore it! :blush: :


Dear Notre Dame and the people who hold it dear…

You’re here there’s nothing I fear

And I know that my heart will go on

We’ll stay forever this way

You are safe in my heart and

my heart will go on and on

This is perhaps the saddest thing I’ve heard for a long time. So much history and culture there.


That is such good news! I did hear a firefighter and two policemen had sustained minor injuries.

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I am happy to hear that!

It was so sad to watch it burn on tv last night. It always tear me up when historical sites are harmed, knowing how much have been felt, done and experienced in that church that’s lost. :sob:


Honestly? It’ll be okay.

Almost all of the art got saved- what wasn’t, we still have plenty of reproductions of, so it’s not like it’s completely lost. Most of the stonework is intact, along with the stained glass windows. It’s just the wooden frames that need to be rebuilt, and there’s already people pledging a whole hell of a lot of money to do that.

There’s church fires that are much more deserving of our attention- like the church burning spree going on in Louisiana, for example.

For a Dutch person like me, who has never set foot in the US but has been to the Notre Dame, I have to disagree. Yeah, it’ll be okay for the most part, but we still don’t know how many art has been saved – the media sends contradicting messages into the world, the one saying only 30% has survived, the other saying all has survived.
I think it’s not very kind of you to tell people what they should and should not pay attention to. I’ve been to the Notre Dame and it means a lot to me – not because I’m religious, because I’m not, but because of the history, the magnificent art, and the beautiful architecture.


I mean, one of these was an electrical fire, and the other is neo-Nazis actively burning down majority-African churches (with the local police refusing to do a proper investigation, to the extent that the FBI had to get involved). I see one of these as a very mild tragedy and the other as a horrific one, hence my comment.

I’m sorry, but I really don’t see the point in comparing two events that have nothing to do with one another. There will always be something worse happening in the world. Are you reading up on all the wars and hunger in Africa every day?

I just think it’s strange you’re trying to tell me what to care about. To me, the Notre Dame on fire is a huge tragedy. And of course, what you’re saying about burning down churches in Louisana is horrific too, but 1) Dutch media aren’t reporting it so I don’t even know what’s happening and 2) it still doesn’t mean I can’t care about the Notre Dame.


Personally, I have no connection to the building whatsoever nor have I ever seen it but it is quite unnerving, almost, to see such a cultural monument burn however multiple billionaires have raised over 600 million dollars to repair it which is simultaneously raising issues in the public domain because of issues such as world hunger etc…