The ONE Problem I have with Wattpad Paid Stories is not the money

But the amount of hate that a couple of authors are receiving for there works being turned into a Paid Story. This especially applies with the big authors.

For example, last year was Tayxwriter and her story got into the beta program, had millions of reads. She ended up getting bombarded with hate after her story got into the program. Thankfully, that hate has died down on her end.

But now there’s more and more big stories from popular authors being put into the program with millions of reads and the authors are getting hate for it. For no reason.

For starters, if I recall, it’s their choice to choose whether or not they want to put their story into the program. Someone clarify if this is true.

Secondly, because these certain stories are paid, people must not realize that there’s still MILLIONS of stories on Wattpad that are FREE.

I literally came across a comment saying that they’re going to delete the app JUST because a story that they’ve wanted to read is now paid.

Another thing is the fact that people call the authors who are part of the program “money hungry” or “greedy” due to this. Wattpad is a company and a business, the site generates ad revenue and other types of revenue due to this.

But the fact that authors are getting called greedy due to this is ridiculous, especially when they have other stories on their profile that are FREE to read.

Now, I’ll admit, with some of the stories that were added to the paid program, their were ones that I’ve read entirely before they became part of it, and ones that I didn’t. Did I feel bad about it? Yeah, but eventually I got over it and went for something else on the site to read.

And also, these big authors And such decided to have their story be part of the program because they want to possibly have their career expand as a writer and get paid for their hard work they put into it.

Imagine if your story gets picked up for being a paid story. I would be excited for it, since I’d get paid for my hard work on it as well. That and it could boost a possible author career for someone in the future.

So yeah, this was a long venting rant of sorts, but the problem with this would be the community and backlash/hate authors are getting on their books becoming paid stories.


I think the hate mostly comes from people that are either not writers, or are not serious writers. And I think the problem is the lack of information outreach to those readers which make most of wattpad.

We in the forums are mostly up to date with most programs wattpad have, and have an understanding with their details. For example, we know that a book won’t stay paid forever. But the normal reader doesn’t have a direct access to this info because they dont go deep enough. I do believe if there were a way that wattpad can distribute this kind of information more easily–for example, mass DMs or even a pop-up that shows up when you open the app–then people wouldn’t be so aggressive towards change.


Agree 100%. The writers do not deserve the hate.


The good thing though is they get support group chat and HQ does think of them too. I also agree with you on this so much :100:


I’m happy for each and every writer that gets into the Paid program. It’s a huge accomplishment. I don’t get the hate. Some writers take their stories off of Wattpad to self-publish. Isn’t that essentially the same thing?


Two things people are afraid of which is understandable. 1. Change and 2. Money and paywall

These are the most things people don’t like. LINE webtoon puts their daily comics on paywall for latest chapters if readers don’t want one update every (this day) of the week. Each of these ‘fastpass’ cost only 50 cents but you have to wait after reading and paying 3 chapters.

I think it’s cool idea but most comments hate or downgrade the ‘fastpass’ yet in ‘Undiscovered’ I don’t see much users giving money in the authors pateron or whatever because they’re young or not have the funds to support.

I just really ignore the people. You have your reason, that’s fine, but attacking authors for putting money on their work you have no right to say something as a ‘fan’ or ‘supporter’. I mean even artist needs to live too :roll_eyes:


I think a lot of people don’t seem to be able to look at the bigger picture.

If the writer gets paid for their work, they get an incentive to stay on wattpad, and as a result will post new content (free and paid alike.) Getting paid also means they can drop other things in their day to day lives to write more and you don’t have to pretend commenting ‘Please update!!!’ will magically give them more time to write.

Why would you be upset that your favorite author on the site is now less likely to just vanish and never come back? Do you want to read this one book so badly that you’re willing to forfeit multiple free ones from your favorite writer in the future?


This. The author has only ONE paid story on their account, and all the other ones are free. The fact that people want to read the ONE book that they want on there, only to find out it’s paid, is quite sad.


The fact that some people/readers only want to read the ONE paid book on there and not any of their other works is quite—I’d say disappointing.

Said author has other free works on there, all of them are NOT like that one book. All of them are versatile. I’m speaking about this from a standalone novels perspective


Speaking of webtoons, do you actually like their payment system, both when it comes to patreons and fast passes? The other day, I was wondering if a system like that would work with Wattpad, where the stories will eventually be free, but you can pay to get it early. Or simply being able to contribute to the authors that you love.

As for me, I have seen way more positivity revolving around PS than hate. My author friend just recently was added to the program, and she kept us updated on the progress, asking of our opinions on the matter. Although most of us readers have already read through the book now with paidwalls, it seemed we were all very encouraging and glad that we could have the chance to support the author love.

Then again, even before the program was launched, there was a lot of yelling at the staff for even considering such a thing–myself included. I feel like once the program was going steadily, it seemed less of a problem and more of a nice addition–for us writers, anyway.

I myself am still struggling to decide whether or not I want my own stories to join the program (I want to be published, but don’t want writing as my career) since I want to get as many readers as possible to read and love my books (kinda selfish, I know).

I dunno, I’m kinda ranting and going off-topic at this point, but I do fully agree with the statement above. Paid Stories is here to stay; it is beautiful, thriving, and a proud addition to our community.


Ugh I saw that. I felt so bad for her. I didn’t read that story but I read another one of hers and loved it. She’s a great writer and deserves the recognition.

Of course. You can turn down being in Paid if you don’t want to do it.

People are forgetting that it was likely these stories would’ve cost money regardless, it’s just a matter of whether it was on Wattpad or somewhere else. If they want to get paid, they’ll find a way to do it. Wattpad just ensures they stay here.

I’ve seen people say that they’re worried it will keep spreading until a ton of stories cost money. I’ve also seen people say that they’re worried all the “popular” stories will be Paid Stories and only the “crappy” stories will be free.

I don’t think either of those would happen, but I think people are just uncertain and stressed about it because it’s so new.


Because people want something more when they can’t have it or it must obviously be better (though all the works are by the same author) since it’s a paid story and they want it for free

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My biggest issue with Paid isn’t even with Paid, it’s with Premium. :joy: It seems silly that a subscription like Premium wouldn’t include Paid Stories. Give Premium users unlimited coins so you can still track what portion deserves to go to the writer, or find a different way to track Premium users reading Paid Stories.


Free users should be able to earn coins.
Premium users should get some monthly stipend of coins.
Both should have the options to buy more if needed and should be accessible on both phone and desktop.


I believe during the beta Premium did get access to the Paid Stories. Not anymore, though, since it’s moved out of beta.

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Currently, they might still be included. Last I heard they were, but someone posted a screenshot of a notice that they wouldn’t be for long.


Yeah, I thought a user I follow who’s in Paid said it would be phased out.

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I never paid or tried since personal reason and I don’t use app much or have a phone but I support it and not expensive either. :woman_shrugging: Plus it’s a choice too not LINE forcing them.

Well I like that idea but I think since WP is a novel and novels are different than comics maybe that’s why they don’t do that? I’m not sure.

To me, go for it! I mean it is your decision but I encourage anyone to try. There’s always 50/50 but hey, we can go yolo, persistent, or wait and see.




I’ll try to organize my thoughts here!

  1. It was a little scary seeing Wattpad roll out Next Beta when they were struggling pretty hard with their tags, and those issues seemed to not be getting addressed, but we kept seeing them talk about their monetized programs. At first, all I saw was that they were going to prioritize making money over maintaining the community. I think this was just a little error where they didn’t realize that we wanted more updates on tags versus the same Help Page message. Over time, that did seem to clear up.
  2. Community is HUGE on this site, and whenever things go towards monteization, community will often fall. So far, that doesn’t seem to be the case here, and that makes me super pumped for the website!
  3. Paywalls immediately make me think of apps that become Pay to Play. I’d rather pay a subscription. It doesn’t help that you don’t get an actual copy of the book by doing this, so it can easily come off as scammy. In truth, it’s just a way to generate money and support authors. I also think it’s just Wattpad trying to figure out how to best mature as a sight and service
  4. There is a huge mentality on here that things should always be free. When I mention that I want to take my stories and try to publish them, I get some people telling me it’s not fair. I understand it sucks, but at the same time…it’s a lot of work writing more than one book :woman_shrugging:t2::sweat_smile:
  5. There is an underappreciation for hard work. Any industry, especially creative ones, get stuck in this odd limbo where people don’t really know what it takes to achieve success in those fields. They give it a shot once and decide ‘Psh, this isn’t hard!’ but they never actually try to get further than writing the first half of a first draft.
  6. People come here for free stories. It’s going to rub people the wrong way, no matter what, when a site that once offered free stories now puts some of them behind a paywall. It feels like microtransactions. In reality, it’s Wattpad trying to keep talent that otherwise goes elsewhere.
  7. People don’t understand the difference between someone writing for a hobby, and someone going professional. Once you get good enough at something and realize people will actually pay you money for your service, everything changes. If Wattpad never offered a means to keep writers who are developing enough that they could become professionals, then the site will always be filled with first drafts.

Overall, it’s a problem many creatives have. So many people want things for free instead of paying for them. So when coming to this site and seeing the “better” stories stuck behing a paywall, it rustles a bunch of feathers. It also makes others feel really down about themselves when they don’t get their story nominated, also. A lot of feelings are just generally expressed.

In the end, I think these people don’t understand that if Wattpad doesn’t do this, then those authors will go to other platforms. It’s Wattpad’s attempt to generate revenue, reward authors, and maintain quality on the site.