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these are not for commercial use, so you cannot request here if you have a paid wattpad story! if you have a regular wattpad story and are making no money from it, this does not apply to you. you can request in this thread :^)


the form (copy below)

— title:
— subtitle*:
— author name:
— ideas:
— inspo/colours scheme (light or dark?):
— other info:
— what have you been watching on netflix/tv lately?

don’t know what to write in your request?

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awaiting deliveries

01 / eternitea40 / #207
02 / xmiss_summerxx / #214 x5
03 / theillusioned / #218
04 / kappacowboy / #220
05 / lvura / #221
06 / recordplayer / #223

current delivery speed : slower than average (1-14 days).


title: The One I Crave
— subtitle*:
— author name: Laura Ann Lee
— ideas: 1: The background could be maybe a floral shop or a corner store with either Elsa Hosk or Logan Browning standing there, maybe have rain falling down too. Maybe a cloudy sky as well. 2: A split cover; Harry Styles on one side and one of the girls on the other; only half their faces showing. Have a tear in the girls eye. 3: Maybe something along the lines of The example cover “Scandal” mostly a sunshine/dawn background with the girl in the middle with tears/mascara running down her face.
— inspo/colours scheme: this this this this
— other info: You have full creative freedom.
— what have you been watching on netflix/tv lately? The Good Doctor on Hulu

— title: sunkissed

— subtitle*:

— author name: elle vaughn

— ideas: A female model with dark hair, I don’t really want her whole face showing. If you could do something like only show the bottom portion/not the eyes that would be fantastic! I also want a black wolf included with a general mysterious vibe. If you want to throw in a red accent or two the main character is a “vampire” so it would fit beautifully. I’m sorry if my ideas aren’t the greatest but I’ll attach some covers I like if that helps!

— inspo/colours scheme: definitely dark, i love cool tones/blues

okay it’s not letting me do old codes or add images or links what the heck

— other info: you honestly have the freedom to do whatever you want with this, i don’t have a solid image of what i want in my mind and i feel like you can make something more beautiful than whatever i envision

— what have you been watching on netflix/tv lately? altered carbon!! i’m also enjoying grace and frankie

it has literally been years since i’ve been on the forums. this is so different and so weird?? so i’m sorry this is messy because idk what i’m doing and i’m on mobile BUT your covers are so beautiful i couldn’t wait!

@areyoutenyearsago hey! i like the idea of messing around with this, but i can already gauge it’ll take a few tries. if you’re down with being patient, then accepted! (my mom loves the good doctor!)

@belysee accepted! thank you soso much! (ive been meaning to get down to watch altered carbon but i’ve been re-binging gilmore girls lmao)

Of course, take your time. I don’t mind waiting. If you need more ideas, just let me know. :slightly_smiling_face: (And it’s a good yet emotional show)

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Hi! Does the book need to be published? (:

it doesn’t, but if you use my graphic, you need to give me credit when you publish it :^)

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— title: mrityu

— subtitle*: even death has a heart.

— author name: tempestt

— ideas: a woman in a dark red dress/cape in a cemetery shrouded in darkness or a woman in red with black eyes and horns caressing the top of a tombstone with red smoke surrounding her maybe. the faceclaim is deepika padukone if that helps any!

— inspo/colours scheme: color scheme is black/dark reds/maroon and inspo pictures are: i. ii. iii. iv.

— other info: honestly you have all the creative freedom in the world to do what you would like with this request! my heart isn’t set on any one idea and i’m sure whatever you would create would be beautiful :slight_smile:

— what have you been watching on netflix/tv lately? rewatching the office because what else would i do during social distancing lol

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@recordplayer accepted!!

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these are awesome, good luck w the thread! (:

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@areyoutenyearsago delivery! i thought this would take forever but i sketched out an idea in my sketchbook and i just couldn’t go to bed without trying it. here it is. please lemme know if you like it or would like changes.


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It’s really beautiful. Is there anyway you could just have one girl in the background; logan browning? If not, that’s okay and I’m still going to use it regardless. It’s too gorgeous not to!!!

@areyoutenyearsago thank you!! i’m really glad you like it! is this better? (*i just edited this to make her bigger)


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Perfect! Oh my gosh!! :heart_eyes: Thank you so much!!

@areyoutenyearsago i also have an alternate version cause a pal of mine told me to mess around with the text a bit more


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I LOVE THAT ONE MORE! Thank you! I followed you, although it wasn’t apart of payment. :slight_smile:

ahh! thanks so much for the follow! i’m glad you like it that much