the pc thread that is not a violation of the coc


I don’t know if we have any threads left that haven’t been taken down so here’s a new one.

All I rlly want is to be able to talk to my wattpad frens and if we have to go full pc so be it.

A few ground rules to appease the vague code of conduct:

  • no swears
  • no insults
  • no banter
  • no mouldy bread
  • no harmful memes
  • no recounting of childhood memories
  • no rp don’t; even touch the cntrl + i
  • im prolly forgetting a few so please hmu if you have any ideas

@BiseWitch @flinch @ZeeTheShitpostee @booklovaaa20299 @Werewolves9090 @bidiyakdamian @NoppityNope666 @404Page @UniversallyIncorrect @AmnerisTenjo
(If I forgot to tag you forgive me)

Let’s keep this thread up as long as possible guys. I believe in us ( not really but I’m trying to be positive k )


I was summoned?

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Yes welcome

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So… Your aim, from what I can see, is to not break this thread very soon

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Some basic wholesome memes for y’all

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Yes we must purge ourselves from delinquency. @404Page had the right idea


I see. Well, I am a good child and am not a troublemaker (that’s what I’m told)

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You will do well here

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If you say so

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I think this will be hard for you guys XD

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The minute Zee and Universally see this thread everything will go haywire :joy:

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i believe in them


Why are you saying that like I’m dead?

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Oh yes, no moldy bread
You are a good snake, snakey

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you are ghost cat

you died of starvation we all got suspended and no one was left to feed you bread kibble

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Oh, when that happened?

I don’t like this moment,


a few days ago, i think. it’s all a haze