The reason why I am not dating is because...



I’m confused, but I don’t really see the comedy in what I was saying though I clown around so much that I’m provably just saying stuff without even meaning to at this point.


I am asexual so usually once a guy whom I am romantically interested discovers that he leaves :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


damn lucky me the times I have accidentally started flirting with a straight girl they just laugh it off and be like Im straight


I refuse to ever pretend im straight. Most of the time when im flirting girls tend to take it as me being overly friendly and I really hate that. Im trying to have all the homo just accept it dammit


HAHAHHA its different for us girls because even straight girls with each other they make out to express friendly love and they are very touchy, with gay men its different because usually men are not touchy feely with their buddies so when a guy hits on them or compliments them they know he gay


It was a very innocent and dry comment. It tells me a lot about your personality. There was no in depth assumption about you, other than you have a good sense of humor. I thought it was a very to the point statement that is so truthful I had an ‘aha’ moment. Most people have no clue on how to begin anything, much less the daunting task of dating.


O lol thanks! I guess I am pretty inmocent and dry lol


I know im gonna forever be alone :joy:


dry as in humor. I like dry humor. I have no idea how innocent you are. :slight_smile: The statement was simple, perfect, and honest, which made it innocent. in my head.


Yeah, I’ve gotten the whole “omg you’re a lesbian??? I can’t be a roommate with you now!”


Just because I’m attracted to your gender doesn’t mean I will fall in love or wanna have sex with all the girls :expressionless: if you’re not my type you have nothing to worry about


My explanation for clicking other: locked in “the closet”


I hate that its ultimately decided that if you’re a lesbian you’re like a sex freak or something :roll_eyes:


Lol thank


honestly, its because i have no social contact in the real word outside of family. also im not over my ex oopsies


Parents: nO dATing uNtil yOu gRaduate fRom UniversItY

Well that’s that…


It’s complicated.


Asexuality tends to sap me of any significant desires to date…

I know, it’s weird how that works :confused:


Aw :frowning: I can relate to you on the relationships being overrated thing. Sometimes I don’t understand why people literally force themselves to be in a relationship…