The Romance Addicts 2.0

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If you’re a Romance addict, you’ve come to the right place!
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This is part two of:


part two because the first one has been flooded with love, and so we were afraid that it would explode from all the Romance we had to offer :see_no_evil:. No kidding, we reached 10k replies

For those of you who’ve already been introduced to the fam, welcome back! :heart:

For those who’re new here, Welcome to the one and only thread where your Romance Addiction is not only welcomed, but also nourished.

And yes, this thread is definitely related to The Romance Addicts profile that’s been created lately.

:raising_hand_woman: My name’s Maryse, and I love reading and writing (romance, of course). I could tolerate clichés as long as the MC has a unique character, or the love interest is quite interesting.

Now that we’ve caught your attention and captured your heart, we could discuss:
:purple_heart: What type of romance you’re into (reading and writing).
:blue_heart: What cliches you’ve encountered many many times.
:orange_heart: A couple that’s made you fall in love with the book you’re reading.
:heart: And many other romance topics I’ve forgotten to mention.

Can’t wait to start chatting!

Oh, and just be aware that we eat a lot of cake, chocolate, and sweets here.

Love, hugs, and lots of chocolate :chocolate_bar:

The Romance Addicts♥


Let us know what type of addict you are in this wiki post :heart:

Yass!!! 2.0 :heart::heart::heart:

You can find the original Romance Addicts thread here for those of you who’d like to see what we’ve been up to :heart_eyes:

…please tag other addicts not mentioned above. :heart:


Can you please create the wiki post?


There you go :slight_smile:


Thank you!


You’re welcome :heart:




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I love romance! Maybe because I am perpetually alone -_-
I love to write more mature romance (not in terms of intimacy), just in the sense of the characters and their life experiences. And I like reading, lighthearted romance with not much drama. When I read romance, I just want to float on a cloud and live vicariously through the characters. As for cliches, there are many many! Like the man saying “you’re mine”, or the ‘man-hater’ who falls for and changes an alpha man, if it is a LGBT book, one side of the couple being portrayed as being either masculine (in the case of women) or feminine (in the case of men). Those I don’t really like those much.
Hmm the couple that made me fall in love… right now it is Cherry and Hero from One Hundred Nights of Hero.


Hello my loves,

About to see if I can quote parts from the last thread so I can answer them here.

Would we be writers if we didn’t feel more?

They are so scary. I pale at the sight of them but I have book myself in for a tattoo on my birthday. :scream:

Husband’s favourite dog but we have a cocker spaniel crossed with a terrier. He looks like a mini black lab with a beard. So cute. :heart_eyes:


Hope others feel the same. Maybe not the crying. That was just because I felt over-emotional at getting the chapter done. Still waiting for one of my favourites to follow me back :wink::joy::heart:

Yes, it was that one. The lead love interest was easy on the eye too. :joy:

I prefer the term passionate to violent. :joy::joy: We are just passionate even in our shoe throwing moments. :wink::joy:

Replied to some of @SloanBrady @houseofmirrors @Maya0150 ’s old posts from the thread so I don’t block the other one.


Oh, it worked. :tada::tada::tada:


Hello and welcome to the Romance Addicts.

You are in good company as we all love it. We are very friendly and approachable so we hope you stick around.

That sounds perfect to me and a great way to escape.

I have not heard of that one. I will have to check it out.


It is a graphic novel that I found by accident. And I don’t know if I would classify it as a romance but at the heart of all the adventure is a love story.

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Yes and yes! Sign me up for all of this :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m all for the cuteness overloads and feel good romances. Welcome to the romance addict family :heart:

Hey hun! Woop woop, it worked! :+1:

I cried before my last vaccination coughiwastwentytwocough In my defence though, I went in prepared to have one, and then the nurse guilt tripped me into having three and I freaked out :pensive: Ooh, that’s so cool! What are you getting/where (if you’re comfortable sharing)?

Aww, I’m sure everyone will love it :heart: is that some subtle hinting I detect?:wink::joy:

I love that movie! The location they filmed it at is stunning too! So many primo locations in NZ :star_struck: it was so weird for me listening to it though, hearing one American accent in a sea of kiwi accents :joy:

I like that. A much better way to view it :wink:


Thanks ^^
What would you recommend in that genre? Where I am continuously smiling and my face hurts??

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Ooh, let me check some of my reading lists and get back to you :smiley: are you wanting wattpad recommendations, or published?

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Either or Both!

Awesome. I’m just going through my library now to see what I can recommend that I’ve enjoyed / am enjoying xD

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I pushed myself to give blood so I could tackle my fear of needles. I actually spent the next day in bed with a stress-induced migraine honestly, only me. :see_no_evil:but I did it and can do it more often now.

Happy to share. I want wildflowers on my forearm. I will share on my insta when I finally do it.

Me??? :tipping_hand_woman: I would never. :joy::joy:

The beach they went to on their date. :heart_eyes: It made me want to hop on a plane and visit.