The Romantics Club

Hey guys! This is my attempt at recreating a discussion group on here called the romantics. Unfortunately, I don’t remember who created the group but this was essentially her idea and so I’m just making it sound more formal. This is a space to discuss all of our romantic needs. I’m a huge romance lover and writer, I write romance and teen fiction but even if it’s not romance, I have romantic subplots.

I intend this group to just be a place to discuss romantic topics, so please don’t try to blatantly advertise your book. If you do, do it in a really subtle way so not openly asking people to check out your book.

Also, since this is the Romance Genre Club please refrain from jeering the conversation off to paranormal or sci fi or non romantic topics.

First topic: What are your thoughts on extremely popular Wattpad books (and I’m talking the ones with MILLIONS of reads and are kind of Wattpad classics) portraying healthy relationships to younger audiences?

I ask this because ever since After is in the process of becoming a movie, it’s become a hot topic of whether or not these kinds of movies actually spread a positive image of what health sexual relationships are meant to look like.


Healthy or unhealthy relationships?


Can’t say I have read many that have millions of reads but I recently read something which pretty much presented the idea that kidnap and questionable (non consensual) behaviors were okay so long as the victim is turned on by it. I dunno about you, but even if having my ass slapped was my kink, I’d be pretty pissed if someone slapped my ass without my consent.


I don’t think anyone in their right mind would slap a positive, healthy relationship label on these books.

But that’s because most people aren’t thinking of if they are healthy or not. They are focused on how ‘hot’ the relationship instead. Like I think I mentioned in another thread, nowadays abuse is confused for passion, whether it be mental, emotional, or physical.

It’s a huge issue and has damaged the romance community ever since 50 Shades came out but no one really seems to want to do anything about it. :woman_shrugging:

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HAhahahahahahaha Search up the word kidnapped by and soooooo many books will come up. I have no clue who actually enjoys reading that kind of stuff and how it turns anyone on

Totally! People nowadays either don’t find healthy relationships exciting or just don’t know what it’s meant to look like because of these horrible examples. Plus, these kids are so impressionable that they’ll believe anything

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I don’t get it either. Last I checked, being kidnapped is supposed to be traumatizing, not titillating.

I feel like those who write unhealthy relationships as the main trope for their stories are really lazy. Because it’s easy to give someone terrible qualities and to make your character fall in love with that without making them work through issues.
“Oh, that’s just how he/she/they are, and I love him/her/them anyway” when it should be, “Oh, wow. He/She/They are a terrible person, and I love them, but I can’t be with him/her/them if he/she/they are like that.”

They can even go so far as to “stay if we can work through the issues together, possibly with a professional,” which is entirely healthy. But it’s lazy when those issues give opportunity for character development, and instead the character is suddenly changed because they fell in love.

Love isn’t therapy. Therapy is therapy. [end rant, lol]

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Definitely laziness, couldn’t agree with you more there. YESSSSS MAKING EXCUSES LOVE ISN’T THERAPY

omg ur profile pic is giving birth to me rn (giving me life)

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That should be then new trend on watty: #LoveIsntTherapy

& thank you, found it on tumblr one day. haven’t looked back since :joy:

LOVE ISN’T THERAPY sounds like a community name or campaign


Do you write any romances yourself?

I do/used to. The romances I’ve written are from old ideas, and I’ve been trying to make them newer and add a fresher twist to it, but I’m no longer comfortable with the ideas I had when I was younger.

So, yes. I do, lol. (love rambling)

Do you write them as well?

i think the only thing unhealthy about the relationships in Wattpad novels is there are not enough written from the males perspective (especially the awkward ones) (though this is just my opinion feel free to disagree)

But that’s not just a problem on Wattpad. That’s a problem world wide in the writing community. It just sits that men don’t write as much romance as women do. It’s a widely women dominated genre for the most part.