The Royals Who Actually Do Something In Your Story!!!


Knight: Your Majesty, let me fight against your enemies!

King Bob: Nah, man, I got this. lift sword in the air FOR OUR MOTHERLAND!!!

Now, I know not every royal is like this and that is alright! But does your royals actually do something that is significant to the story with little to no help? So, tell me, what do your royals do that is different from most? I want to know about the royals in your story!






Do they have to be kings? Because the princes are definitely doing something.


Emperors, Queens, Empresses, Princes, and Princesses are all welcomed here.




The brother I told you about on your other post about wars, is a prince who is fighting on the front lines in the war (granted he was ordered to by his father). His sister, the MC is the princess and she is going to play a huge role in the war all on her own.

The prince fights on horse back, he’s trained with swords.


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Anyone else?


The prince in my story is trying to hunt down rebels and snuff out a pesky rebellion before it gets out of hand. That’s a very active and major part of my story. His father (the king) thinks its a waste of time, money, and dignity and will not condone his son making a fool of himself by spending time and effort on it.


One of my princes is pretty useless, but the other two are important and one of them actually fights (or he will once I write that part lol). The princess in my story can defend herself reasonably well, and she comes up with her own devious plans to take power


Queen Ahmeal fought alongside her knights. She was told to evacuate with civilians but of course she would, stating “Im a warrior first when it comes to defending my nation.”


My MC’s in my current WIP are both royals. One is getting her hands dirty and is right in the middle of fighting. The other is dealing with a lot more politics and court dramas. But yeeeaaahh, he’s gonna get his hands dirty soon too.


My main character is a Queen. She does the usual things but also enjoys fighting her own battles. She’s not afraid to get her hands dirty


My character is a king and called the finest swordsman in the country… probably not because he just sits on his throne all day and does nothing.


This is a strange one, because the king doesn’t really do much in the series, but the prince does an absolute truckload of stuff.

He takes on the embodiment of fear alone, protects his adoptive sister with his life, but probably the best part is that he rescues his entire family from a sophisticated bomb puzzle inside a cathedral with little help. Defeats a literal demon on his own, etc, the list goes on. He’s essentially the third MC

Meanwhile his dad is just kicking ass when he needs to but not much to the story and his mum is too busy setting peeps on fire and yelling at them, she’s a little nuts.


Well in my novel, after the Queen is resurrected, she is on the forefront of attempting to restore the monarchy and kill evil gods… mind you, since the monarchy’s been replaced with a democracy, I don’t know if you can still call her a royal… ex-queen, maybe?


I am generally not a fan of heads of state having active roles in wars and such for a number of reasons. That said, one of my kingdoms has a pretty dynamic royal family. The queen is a expert of court intrigue and bureaucracy. She has a more typically feminine role in that she takes care of the home but in here case she’s doing a lot of the running of the country but she gets a few moments of butt kicking. The king is an expert of espionage, international diplomacy and tactics, and a master of the sword who was tutoured by and had a brief affair with an assassin before inheriting the throne. He also only got the crown because three of his siblings tried to kill him in his youth and he murdered them right back. While he doesn’t run off to lead the charge into battle, he continues to demonstrate his ability to protect his family and kingdom when needed. Their daughter does leave to join the main characters in adventuring and world saving but is admonished for putting her self in danger when she’s the heir to the throne. She also likes swords but her diplomacy and tact need some work.


Sorry, I should have explained better.


Prince Avil (now King Avil) doesn’t like the idea of others fighting and dying for him. He believes that a good king should never ask another to do something he wouldn’t do himself.

He’s actually the one that starts the entire main plot of the story when his home is taken over in the beginning. He’s not a strong fighter at least when compared to the other MC’s but he after some time starts to toughen up. As king he doesn’t believe in a ruler fighting a war from the safety of his walls and will always be on the front lines.


All good. I was just putting forward my opinion. :smiley: