The Royals Who Actually Do Something In Your Story!!!


@qualeshia3 My story isn’t fantasy - but I have a story about a prince - who gets fired. His country becomes a republic and he’s left without a job or anywhere to go.

My story follows Freddie living in a refugee camp - where he’s being trained to fit into his new country and figuring out what and who he is.

So my one royal character does quite a lot - and goes from being very distant from others and strategic due to being a royal - to making friends, being spontaneous and falling in love.


That’s okay.


Uh, the prince is the big bad so he basically drives the whole story lol. I would guess that counts as something


Technically, my two main characters are the king and queen of the heavens, and they venture across the mortal land in an epic quest to avert the destruction of all reality. So they definitely don’t rely on others as royals normally would.


One of the main characters in The Colorless Land, Aithal, is a secret prince who’s been raised as a civilian for backup purposes, though with full knowledge of his status and heritage. He’s been trained for politics and diplomacy more than fighting, but he got military training in his youth along with everyone else in the country he lived in, so he can defend himself if he wants to. Mostly, though, he spends the plot searching for a way to free the rest of his royal family from the bad guys and later leading the fight against said villains. If anything he’s a royal who needs a flipping break.

That story also has the royal family of Firland, who also have active roles (the king and two of his children, anyway); but that part has yet to be published, so I’m not going into the details.

Oh right, and Evariel is technically an elvish prince too, though elvish kings are chosen by the people and he probably won’t inherit the kingdom. He starts out as a Chaotic Stupid™ teen but winds up bringing much-needed change to his people. Again, no details because spoilers but I’ll just say he won’t get dubbed “the Bold” for nothing.


Yes I need a story where - I don’t care if they’re evil or whatever - but I literally need a story where the royals do something drastic for the story plot to move. I want the plot to REVOLVE around the choices the royals make (kind of like Fable).


My royals sail thousands of miles, fight sea monsters, protect their homeland against invaders, plot, scheme, marry, have affairs, lose loved ones, grapple for power, switch sides, struggle to find the balance between their duty and their personal desires…

Most of the ‘doing’ in my current WP work is done by royals. Most of the characters come from royal families or are otherwise closely connected to them.


Anybody else?


My elfish royals are very down to earth. They have to prove that they are worthy to inherit the throne and are strong enough to defend it. Thus they have obligatory military duties where they have to fight in the frontlines if war breaks loose, and have to go and dangerous missions that are often fatal.

My human royals are waaaay more stuck-up and prefer watching battles from afar, or rarely participating in tournaments and hunts. That said, my one MC is the princess and an elfish-trained healer, and even though she does not actively fight in the war, she does her part in caring for the injured and saving lives.


My book is about four characters and two of them are royals. They definitely do something, but it’s not easy to rule a kingdom :sweat_smile: the prince also goes in his first attempt to battle, it doesn’t end up exactly as he expected :astonished: It’s a historical fiction, but set in a fantasy European kingdom, so I guess it’s a little fantasy :rofl:


One of my main characters is a princess who becomes a werewolf, then heads off on an epic adventure to find a cure for her condition. She does a little huntin’ along the way. Wolfy stuff, you know.

In the sequel, her brother (the heir apparent to their father’s empire) is an ambassador to a foreign court who leads an expedition to find a lost city.


I have two queens of different lands that take part in having to go through training and undertaking missions in order to fight a demigod that is returning after being sealed away for 500 years.


The emperor’s daughter in my book escapes home with her former General and has to stay with him and his friends. Unable to do much else, she documents everything that they do.


The princess, and main character in my novel, isn’t eligible for the throne because she has a brother. Even though she is older than he is. She decides she wants to be a trained apprentice of a particularly dark prince from another realm. Due to circumstances she becomes bitter and betrays him, then travels back to her homeland to overthrow her brother and take what she thinks should be hers. :smirk:




The soon-to-be king is a were-deer so he has to juggle that secret, deal with an assassination attempt on his life and people trying to hunt him.


Your royal were-deer should meet my Imperial werewolf. They’ll either get along famously or rip each other to shreds. Maybe both!


In A Rider’s Fate (my completed story) the royals were known for bonding with dragons thousands of years ago. The MC is actually a Royal Rider, which is the title I’ve given these riders. So yes, she actually does something. But she learns a few painful lessons in book 1, which I’m going to start rewriting soon.


In my story, the queen is one of the main characters. Though I’ve not written that part yet, but I’m aiming to show her entire journey from a nervous teen to a solemn monarch.


The queen in my book collaborates with a council in order to make the protagonists leaders of a new unit, and in the next book, she has even more of an involved role.

Do Royals usually not play a large part in books?