The Rules of Neo-Tokyo

Neo-Tokyo is a welcoming place for all persons and types, and we expect those who stay here to treat each other as such. Please ensure you’re following the proper rules for participating in Neo-Tokyo. Those who do not follow these rules may be subject to severe penalties, ranging from warnings, suspensions, and bans from Neo-Tokyo or beyond.

The Rules

  1. Neo-Tokyo is a unique experience that everyone chooses to participate in. If you don’t want to participate, that’s alright, there’s lots of other places to play. Don’t interrupt the experiences of others.
  2. Everyone deserves the right to be respected. No form of bullying will be tolerated among players.
  3. Harassing of staff, including spam tagging, will not be tolerated.
  4. Ambassadors have the power to both play and enforce the rules at the same time.
  5. Respect the boundaries created by the city. Special spaces have particular designations for what can and can’t be created. Some spaces will call for creations. If they do not, don’t do it.
  6. Any intentional trolling, such as attempts to derail the experience or intentionally alter the game, will not be tolerated.
  7. Official accounts will be designated as such via badging. If they do not contain the official badge, they are false accounts.
  8. False accounts will not be tolerated. Any account found in connection to a false account will be levied penalties up to and including suspension from the clubs at large.
  9. If a discussion in the experience goes down a path that a party is not comfortable with, such as a heated disagreement, any party can invoke the phrase “The sun in Neo-Tokyo is so nice.” Upon doing so, the discussion is considered ended. Anyone who continues to push a party down a discussion they have made clear they do not want to participate in will face penalties.
  10. Nick is final arbiter on all activity within Neo-Tokyo and holds absolute law. He may change the rules and nature of the game as necessary and is the point of contact, via Wattpad private message, if necessary.

There is a free space in Neo-Tokyo (Isako Park) where anyone is welcome to create chat threads and discussions for friendly purposes. It is also an open space for all fan art and creations. Chats must pertain in some capacity to Neo-Tokyo, the game, and participants in the game. For example a Neo-Tokyo Anime Appreciation Club could form in Isako Park.

There will be a main theory thread to avoid the spread of duplicating threads. Duplicating threads can and will be closed at discretion of ambassadors and arbiters if they deem they serve a similar purpose to an existing main thread.

It is important to note that Neo-Tokyo is a public domain space. No particular person can own the creations here, and those who contribute are contributing to a local, accessible lore for all who participate. Anything from Neo-Tokyo such as storylines, characters, or locations are open for anyone to use in future writings or fanfictions without seeking approval.