The Secret Society of People Who Want to Run Away and Live in the Woods v.5| 5 is a great number, y'know? This thread is older than 5 tho, just so you know. It's an old thread. Maybe it even carries a cane now? Who knows? u.u


Hello :slightly_smiling_face:




Very cool! a part i would know of? im from alaska but i live in the netherlands ( a part you may know amsterdam)

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Nice, nice


Philippines ~


Hai everyone


oh very cool! a you guys have such interesting fauna and flora!


True xD i live in the city though so i don’t really get to see much of it ;u;


oh city person cool, nice buildings too!


I guess xD there are some areas that have really tall buildings and cool architecture.

i haven’t heard much about the Netherlands aside from the tulips tbh ;u;

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tall flowers and tall people with alot of old crooked buildings, sums it all up pretty well :smiley:


Wow cool


Tall people? xD we’ve got the opposite here ;u; lots of smol cute peeps


Hello :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi there cx

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average height in this country is 184.8 cm (6ft)


Oh my o.o those are a lot of tall people. I can’t image how it would be like standing in a crowd there xD


I’m short :expressionless::no_mouth::neutral_face:


I’m 6 feet and every day on the bus people tower over my head, men woman and even teenagers
(im 27 so its a hit in the pride)

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whats your height :D?

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