The Secret Society of People Who Want to Run Away and Live in the Woods v.5| 5 is a great number, y'know? This thread is older than 5 tho, just so you know. It's an old thread. Maybe it even carries a cane now? Who knows? u.u


Woah o.o you really lived with nature there then


What’s it about? cx


Hi. Oh you’re leaving? Goodnight, I guess.


I don’t like half messures, every night i set traps for food and every morning i checked them, most of the time i was just sitting and looking to the stream while waiting for my foods to snag themselves tho, bush bows have a habbit of breaking quickly with me : /

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Really if anyone in this thread has any experience surviving then honestly if its what you need …just do it
…just tell your loved ones your okay first…dont do what i did XD
(you tube is NOT experience)

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Did you use tutorials or something to get infos on that? o.o

Yes, will do. Did they think you went missing or something?


the other thread died?


no i grew up in a small town in alaska and my dad was pretty keen on teaching us kids things
the skinning and tanning and making glue i learned in arizonia before i left ( small town)
yeah kinda i came back to an exploded facebook lol i was about 18 ish so they knew i’d be okay though

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Indeed. Tis lying in ruins u.u


That’s so cool o.o but damn, real, survival skills.

Still though xD that’d be concerning. Glad you came back okay though. Didn’t ya get injured and stuff there? o.o any beasts you had to face?


Gtg for now ;-; nice meeting you! @Stewpidley

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no no crazy beasts, had a run in with a really pissed porcupine in the middle of the night thou, but they are yummy so thats okay
injures include a couple of broken fingers and loosing about 20 pounds and i cannot feel my big toe anymore…idrk what happened with that >.>


nice meeting you too!

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And I’m so glad you like the piano piece :heart:

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Cucumber? xD

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I’m offering you my favourite food :grin:

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Ahhhhhhhh… cutenesss is here. I played the piano and uploaded it. Did you take a listen? :grin:

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Aww * is touched * ;u; thank you so much


Awe. Hru today, Bloomie?

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