The Sluts Guide To High School : Teen Fiction

Title: The Sluts Guide To High School.
Genre: Teen Fiction
Audience: 15+
Length: Somewhere around 90k words.


Athena Kingston was the Queen Bee and labelled Slut of her high school; she had been bullying people all her life but never things went extreme. However, when the person she had started to like – Noah Roman – broke up with her and eventually left her for the good girl, Lilly Allen. Cliché took place and her self-confidence flew out of the window yet, somehow along with her best friend’s she controlled herself.

After the break ended and senior year began, people start acting like they had done three years ago. Bickering about her and calling her name, she started having flashbacks more often, and her anger issues started increasing. She decided to take revenge on her ex and good girl and turned on her meanest mode.

During that whole process, the guy who had given her the ‘slut’ title returned from university and made Athena’s situation worse. He did what he had done three years back adamant about playing around with Athena, things started to fall apart and Athena started hiding things from her friends and family. She had nowhere to open up so her bullying increased slowly and seeing her aggressive behaviour her friends started closing up on her.

One day the boy popped in her room and made her feel bad, embarrassed, insecure about herself and also mentioned that the reason Noah left her was because she didn’t deserve to be loved. The other day when she witnessed Noah and Lilly being super romantic, she poured her hot coffee on Lilly’s head burning her shoulder. She gets suspended from school for a week and her father learns about her whole behaviour. Athena gets into an argument with her parents and that was when they realized that she had serious anger issues. Eventually her parents decided that she should take anger management classes and gifted her a small dog.

Athena had made a new friend, but she had straight away declined for the classes not really ready to accept that she was mentally incapable of handling her own emotions. When she was away from school and was busy with her dog, she was not thinking of any negative thing she wanted to do to Lilly or Noah. Her new friend started hanging out with her and encouraged her in being positive all the time.

When school began, Athena started feeling her own – bully – self again. And when somehow the guy from her past started abusing her sexually, she opened up about the whole thing to her new friend and then her parents. Her father took him down legally, Lilly learned about the whole thing and tried talking to Athena. Athena shut her off finally accepting that she had loved Noah and she was jealous of Lilly.

Athena started attending her psychologist and the anger management session. Her friendship with her old friends turned out to be stronger than before and she became the girl who finally started accepting and letting the past go.

Extra: Athena and her three friends - Ivory, Silvia, and Liam play some very important role in the story. This story will be long but for now this explains the whole book, there is no romantic side to this story because I want it all focused on the “mean girl” any kind of feedback would be really appreciated.

Also, there will be a couple more characters to this but I wanted to fit the whole theme in 500 words. :grin:

Thank you so much and feel free to point out any thing that does not fits right as a reader. The story is already up on Wattpad so please be as candid as you can so that it helps me improve and correct things before hand.

I would recommend refocusing in the summary to continue the emotional throughline across the plot. It gets mentioned a lot and comes up but then disappears again or kind of meanders off to other things.

The summary as a whole is a bit difficult to read, just in your grammar and structuring. I’m pretty certain I followed everything and it’s fine, but that’s a just in case, because I could’ve read something wrong.

Otherwise, I’m not fully sure what your main character’s conflict is, because she seems to have multiple coming at her, almost randomly, from many different angles. She loses her boyfriend and her status and ends up jealous and angry, becoming too much of a bully and needing to go to a psychologist. But also her ex is showing up and kind of getting back together with her but also messing around and teasing her? But also he later is sexually abusive (I think) and that’s an issue and then he goes to jail due to her parents. Is that the climax? Because the main plot is focused on her vs this new couple that she’s been left outside of, but then the end seems to be focused instead on her getting justice after being sexually assaulted.

You need to focus in on one of those things and making sure the opening half closes in the second half, it can’t be a random additional issue showing up to increase the tension.

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