The Sparkling Awards || Awards just for vampires!



Writing is hard, getting recognition for your work is even harder. Especially with the shadows of successful authors looming over you. But don’t fret, that’s why we have these awards: to help fellow vampire authors. You’ll not only get attention for your story, but also a whole new coven with it.
So what are you waiting for?



Tagged the entire Coven :slight_smile: Please help out by tagging more people. That way, we can spread the joy of our Realm!


@Wren_Parsons - I’m sorry for doing this to you but you are always the first to pop up in my mind at such things xD


You also nominated her… Hmhm, you like her stories, no?


Oh my gosh thank you!! :blush:
I was looking at entering ‘Lord Monticrox’ and getting involved with the coven, but I’m doing a big REVAMP (pun intended) of the book after feedback I got and I feel like I’m not active enough. Should I still enter it?


Entering the Coven or entering the awards? With the awards, the worst thing that can happen is that you get five extra reads. And with the Coven, you don’t need to be a part of the book club. You can pop up in the vampire forums at least once a month, too


Both! I kind of want to get my book as best I can before I enter another contest, I have the first 10 chapters edited and fine-tuned so I suppose I could re-publish them and enter. As for joining the covens can pop into the vampire forums every now and then!


I’ll be honest and say that the awards is our test run before going full out and doing an actual, multiple-round contest. We keep it nice and small to make sure we can handle stuff. Don’t fret <3


I think that’s a really good idea! Start small but aim big! I feel like I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I really like my work to be as best as I can get it :heart:




I’ve done it! I’ve applied and entered my book :smile: I’ll crack down on editing the rest of it so it’s hopefully fully finished and edited by February!


Congrats! :smiley:

As Vee is in charge of the awards, I can’t accept you there, but I did accept you into the Coven. Do you want me to tag you in the thread most of us hang out in?


Yes please :blush:




Fist bump??
Fist bumps


Eh, why not
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Everyone do the fist bump!!


Is this thread called the sparkling awards because… Twilight?


I am fairly sure, yep. We weren’t sure on the name and ended up there
(Need @Vee_Mandler to confirm this as I lost my memory)


Well… Yeah… :joy: It’s kind of ironic so we went with it. We didn’t expect people getting the pun though… :joy: