The Standouts - A Unique Contest for Those Looking for Market-Level Feedback

Get market-oriented feedback on your WIP!

Does your work have what it takes to standout in the current, brutal marketplace (whether that be Wattpad, Self-Pub, or Traditional?) Get a sense by entering this fun and unique contest!

All entries chosen will receive feedback, with each rounds’ winners receiving feedback on an additional chapter of their WIP. Contest closes Monday, June 10th!


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It is quite difficult to claim a critique will define a “Standout” commercial work, or lead to one. A critique or line edit attempt can point out areas where a work could, in someone’s mind anyway, be improved, but outside of grammar and flow, It is not going to define a breakout work from simply a yeomen-like effort.

To much of commercial success is due to the ebb and flow of the current market; how popular hula-hoops are this week. Also, I would never imply a novel writer should confine himself to investing his/her effort only on topics he/she assumes will “meet the commercial fad”. Some do this, but still miss the bus. So “market Level” is not a replacement term for competent, or honest, when it comes to critique. No critique will define what is standout commercially. If a work is market tested, the results can be tabulated.

Particular editors are in a good place to guess what works will meet their publication goals and standards best. Occasionally they are correct. By all means, offer your best efforts at author aid, but I would stay away from hyperbole.

Hi @FAHyatt - Thanks so much for your input on my contest!

While I think your warning is very on point, in general, I never claim to have the ability to identify, nor create, a breakout work. I very specifically say “Get a sense” of your work’s market viability.

That’s because I have direct experience finding works for Film & TV production and adaptation (which is an end-goal for many on the platform) from having worked at HBO and ICM. I read the publishing trade journals regularly, something a surprising number of Wattpad writers – even those actively seeking publication – don’t do. As well, I have direct experience helping to identify works, here on Wattpad, that have potential to grow within the ecosystem, whether that be from judging contests or my work as an Ambassador, working on content-oriented projects.

I just so happen to have some very unique experience and insight that I’d like to share with other writers in the community. I make absolutely no promises about getting anyone any sort of deal, agent representation, or even advantage other than a different perspective than most contests can offer.

If you’d read the overview of the contest, from the actual contest book, it would be clear that I state this is merely a litmus test, AMONG MANY, that a writer can get to help them asses the potential market viability of their work. I also state that it is merely ONE PERSON’S OPINION; and therefore, should be considered among a variety of other feedback. I just so happen to have a fairly unique perspective and that’s the only thing I do, and ever, offer. :blush:


Hi… I know it’s a day late, but can I still enter?

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The deadline is Pacific time, so it’s tonight at 11:59 pm. You’re good if you still want to! :slight_smile:

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Okay, sweet!

OH, I only just got this in my inbox / email - and it ended on the 10th - I’d love to have it earlier next time please. Cheers, CarolynAnn @carolynannaish

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ok, but how can I enter?

Enter what?

@shalavala - It was all outlined in the contest book I linked to in my post; but unfortunately, the contest is now closed. If you’re interested in joining next year, just add the book to your library and follow me so that you get the notification and see any future announcements I post about it. Cheers!

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