The Tavern (Fantasy Writers 21+)

Welcome to all fantasy writers of the wonderful age of legal drinking. We’ve finally surrendered and come to the community side, it turns out resistance really is futile, who knew? The only limitations here is no one under 21, or 18 where I’m from. Basically, if you can’t go to the store and buy alcohol then you’re too young. Otherwise, creepy old woman voice, all are welcome. And we’re not really sticklers for that one rule either. It’s serve a minor decade here at the don’t have a liquor-license saloon and budget haircuts, just bring your fake ID and be prepared for a serving of piping hot sarcasm.

Addition, we’ve started compiling a mythological bar menu, suggestions are welcome. Also, awkward attempts at role-play in the Tavern are encouraged, but remember to keep it awkward :wink::blush:

Alcoholic or at least intoxicating:
Dragons: Fire-water, self-explanatory.
Cyclops: Googly-eye ogle-wine, not for the faint of cross-eyed.
Goblins: Sock-goblin beer sweaty for that extra zing.
Hobble-goblin beer for when you don’t want to be able to walk straight.
Vampire: Bloody idiot, served slightly chilled in the body of a heavy alcoholic.
Dryad: Sap-cocktails mixed with an organic fertilizer as the energy-drink base.
Hydra: Buckets-o-raki-shots, just buckets and buckets of Raki.
Kraken: “Barrels of fun” a drinking game where you never know if you’re going to get a barrel of rum or a barrel of hiding soggy pirate, either way it’s good. Just mix with your own ink and couple of drops of seawater. Sip slowly.
Satyr: White-Satyr, goat-milk and ambrosia(preferably freshly stolen form Zeus).
For colds: The nine-tailed green tea and vodka fox toddy, 100% fox free.
For the adventurous drinker: The ouroboros unmentionable, guaranteed to contains trace amount of cranberry juice, mixed with lemon and vinegar. May contain varying degrees of unmentionables, user experience can vary.
The Dwarven flapjack: A stout mixed with pancake batter that’s quickly chugged. Inventor claims it’s Absolutely delicious.
Pure spirits and nothing but spirits, not watered down at all.
Bard’s Tears: the smoothest spirit you’ll ever drink from a dented lute
Rainbow’s AHOOHA, cocktail of papaya vodka and pineapple juice charged with lightning magic. Better than sticking a fork in an electrical outlet and twice the buzz!

Non-alcoholic but not necessarily non-toxic.
Unicorn: Forgotten-forrest mist (Vape), nice and pretentious.
The bound and gagged fairy-blood special: Comes with one live fairy, one small bottle of pesticides, and one sterile syringe. Drink or snack as you see fit, but the house recommends tainting the fairy with the pesticide and using the syringe to extract the blood. Leaving a dried out fairy snack for after. Some claim this is the ultimate hangover cure.

Snacks menu:
Small bowls of lightly salted mortal souls.
The eternal pig roast buffet, when we say eat as much as you want we really mean is more than you want.
Soylent-green unicorn-jerky, stop asking where it comes form, you don’t want to know.
Harpy-wings served with spicy blood-sauce.


in my country we can drink legally with the age of 16 :smile:


HELLO. It’s 6pm so my internet is being terrible :E

That is so unfair, where is this glorious paradise of debauchery :stuck_out_tongue:

Does you ISP have a fixed time for the internet being terrible? Mine prefers anytime I really need to use it :slight_smile:

Austria :smile: :austria:


That sounds about right. Mine struggles at any time lots of people are likely to be using it, with some special days of just not working. Weekends are terrible, and every day from about 6pm to midnight.

Also Idk if there even is a legal drinking age here. Seems like anyone with a phone could probably order some from the local grocery store or anywhere else. And it’s just out on shelves in any corner shop.

That would not have been my first guess :slight_smile: @Ickyrus So where are you now? Weren’t you going to China? Or Am I remembering somewhere else?

That is where I am. Currently conflicted with a lot of ~do I stay or do I go~ It’s good for savings, but by gosh the place is not fun and trying to leave will be even more not-fun because the bureaucracy is intense.

Ah, then I’m surprised you even have internet at all :stuck_out_tongue: I mean they banned Winnie the Pooh, if that’s not a big f*** you that’s why then I don’t know what is :smile: But you probably shouldn’t complain, never know who’s watching :paranormal:

They’ve banned video games too, yet me and one of my Chinese coworkers sit in the office playing our nintendo switches, bought from the major online shopping site over here x:

It’s a strange place. Every time you hear a thing is banned, or it doesn’t happen here, you can guarantee it still exists very publicly but nobody cares. People keep saying Peppa Pig is banned too, yet every kid wears a Peppa Pig T-shirt and giant mascot Peppas roam the streets freely.

Well here it’s 18, but I’m about to turn 21 anyway.

@Ickyrus I didn’t know that about china! It’s so cool that you got to go there!

1/10 would not recommend.

Today I ordered a pizza that had a nice picture of tomato, garlic, peppers and mozzerella. I got a monstrosity with peas, corn and carrot glued to it under ??? cheese.

And the ~authentic~ food is bowel roulette in a microwave ready-meal container.

Ufff sounds awful!! I feel bad for my friend’s boyfriend who’s going there in September…

Short stays would be nice, I think. But living is something else.

Also tell him to pack hygiene products rather than expect to stock up here (deodorant especially). They’re ridiculously expensive here. Also he will be fingerprinted at the airport. That’s a thing now.

In my country, there’s no legal drinking age - but you do have to be 16 to buy “soft liquor” and 18 to buy “hard liquor” :wink:

Also, hello everyone!

Will do! The fingerprinting thing though I’ve noticed is everywhere now. I’m fingerprinted every time I want to renew my visa.

@AWFrasier Hi!! how are you doing today??

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Used to be a real big reader of … especially, Japanese fantasy manga. But I’ve stopped wanting to financially support an industry that, while the same country trashes the US for voting for Trump and his local only policies, will subsequently does the same shit, but saying Japanese people only when it comes to submitting sequential art stories to competitions.

I mean if a country hates Trump so badly, they should absolutely know better, and take pains not to be the same damn way.

Local Only First does not produce better content. If anything quality suffers for it.

Trump is bad, that doesn’t give another nation the right to do the same sketchy sleazy crap.

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I’m good, thanks! How about you? :smile:

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I’m doing good! trying to get some writing done

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