The Transformation Scene


Heyo my fellow werewolf writers/readers. I am having the idea for my werewolf’s story transformation and I don’t know why, but I am so excited to write this out besides the fact that I am not even there in the story.

Anyway, is it just me or is the transformation scene (like the main one where the MC or main side character) the defining moment in a werewolf book? Like, it must be well written cause it is the werewolf in the werewolf book.

Now, in this case, my werewolf is actually a Lycan, but I have written both werewolf and lycan transformations. (If you say werewolves = Lycans then you can exit the chat room.) Either way, the transformation, in my opinion, is the most important part of a werewolf book.

Is that just me?


Also, any recommendations for the best werewolf transformation (or lycan transformations) that were shown on the big screens or television screens?

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For me as a writer I would say it is definitely one of the most important scenes to nail, for me as a reader it’s not that high up on my list of must have things in a werewolf book…but it depends on the plot I guess.

If the main character is infected or bitten/scratched and it’s their first transformation scene I tend to put more emphasis on the first transformation scene as it’s pretty much them losing part of their humanity. If it’s a book that involves a pack of wolves who have been werewolves for ages then it’s not too important for me.

If that makes sense.


That makes sense! And I agree in a way. For me my MC is born a lycan but the story takes place where she doesn’t know of this fun trait…

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That is always a fun scenario to write. I’ll be writing a first transformation scene too as well. I’m looking forward to it, haven’t written one in a few years haha.

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Definitely all the transformations from the Underworld series

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Yep, that is a good Lycan one. Though they do change quite a bit over the seasons (I haven’t actually watched the shows.) :sweat_smile:

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They’re actually movies :laughing: I think they’re the best because they show how painful and nasty looking a transformation could be instead of the quick way like the werewolves in Twilight or something.

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Another good one, I think, is Van Helsling (oh lord spelling.)

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I’ve never seen the process itself in that movie(I never saw it fully)

But I like the way they look though


I think that is how I plan to go about my Lycan’s in my story, but with a slightly different transformation sequence.


I really like the one in An American Werewolf in London. It makes the whole movie worth watching, since the rest of it is very uneven.

When I’m writing a story, I gloss over transformation scenes unless it’s an important thing for a character to see/find out about. I’m a lot more interested in what happens afterward, especially if a gory rampage is involved. :grin:

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For me, the transformation process is integral to my stories. I’m my Brother Wolf series, there are the born werewolves and the bitten ones. The bodies of those born as werewolves transform easier, mostly because they start way younger. The danger is in getting a 2-5 year old child to change when you want them to. My MC, Little Wolf, has an episode with his father where it takes effort for him to return to human form. As he gets older, it becomes a game for him, to control his shifting by starting with his hands, or feet. As a result, he has more control than even other born werewolves. While he can feel the changes in his body, it’s more of a familiar ache as opposed to real pain.

The bitten, on the other hand, can take days for their first shift, as their body is wracked with pain. Pain becomes part of their life. They don’t have any real control, shifting directly from one form to the other. They run the risk of getting stuck as a wolf, when the mind is overburdened and the pain too unbearable- they “escape” by staying in wolf form.

My stories don’t have any moon goddess, so- think about how that kind of transformation can mess with a human mind.

So for me, yeah, describing the transformation has to be done right.

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i totally agree with you :slight_smile:

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wait werewolves are not lycans?
obviously not a werewolf writter.

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They can or can’t be, lol, depending on the author. From what I’ve seen, these are the options-

Lycans are the original, born, werewolves. Plain old werewolves are descended from those who were bitten.

Lycans are original, royal werewolves. Plain old werewolves are their descendants, whose blood has been diluted by breeding with humans.