the tumblr ban


so if you haven’t been living under a rock you’ll know tumblr banned all adult content

and adult content made up a large amount of tumblr

and they’re not just banning you know, porn, there’s a lot more going on too. It’s basically like PG wonderland now

Which is why tumblr is gonna fucking die out

and tbh I don’t really use tumblr. I don’t have my own

but i do use it to find delicious smut art of my OTPs and such

and now I’m sitting here sad

because how else am i going to see the characters I want to fuck each other fucking each other

sad day


I dipped tumblr in 2013 because it got boring and everyone was so quick to start drama. Now it looks like it’s going to completely die.

Suuuch a smart decision… :sweat_smile:


tfw you relaunched a new writing blog there 3 weeks ago

big r.i.p.


I had one when I was maybe 15 but ditched it too. not really my thing. I did like to look at the tags for my OTPs though so that’s what I’m mainly pissed about




At least I got two anon asks about writing this past week, so my blog’s not completely dead. :joy:


rip tumblr


Who knows maybe someone will open up a website for some good clean smut art?


Hahah, yeah! It’s strange how they’re essentially killing themselves off too.


Don’t use it but my sis does and I think I heard Pornhub welcoming users in. Link here (it’s a blog, not porn :sweat_smile: ) :


I legit used to think that that website was fake until about, like, a year and a half ago.


Like, 20/21 year old me thought that anytime anyone mentioned that website they were just making a joke for a generic name for a generic porn site. I only realized it was real when people started making memes about how Ajit Pai was forcing net neutrality and that website was one of the ones fighting against it.


You thought it was fake? :joy: But if I didn’t I would be same too. Yes, I’ve been there and know also

Fun fact: There’s Kpop MV, youtube content and other stuff because people don’t want copyright removal so they tried to upload to there :rofl:


Like, I’m serious I legit thought it wasn’t real. I honestly have no idea what kind of content they’d even have their Well, except for the obvious.


wow I didnt even know that…I have posted many things on there and I havent visited i t like a year now…


Yeesh. The female-presenting nipples drama?


I only go on Tumblr for gifs, honestly. XD Maybe Autumn photos or photos of dogs. Or something zodiac wise.


i left tumblr after a porn bot somehow took over my account and got me deactivated for it. i did manage to tell staff that i was human though, but after i got the tumblr back i just decided to delete it

i mean, i still have another tumblr account, but i dont use it much


My country had banned tumblr early of this year after they say it got too much porn in it.


To be honest… I have no idea how to use it. I’ve had it a couple of times but could never figure it out, got pissed, then deleted the app. Tried later, did the same thing. And I was raised amongst technology. So… Yeah. Made me feel like the dumbest person on the planet.