The Ultimate Writing Project 2.0

We have a new hoooooooooooooooooome!
Ahh- so exciting!

If you’ve stumbled upon this thread while in the midst of looking for someone to talk to, lemme explain what the heck you’ve stumbled upon!
Once upon there was a human, namely me, that created a thread in the hopes of a group of humans to co-write a story with. A lot of people responded. So then over the course of the next weeks people pitched in and they found a plot to write about and many lovable characters! Then, the story started to come together and the first draft is now 30k words plus.

Basically, our old thread became too… stuffy so here we are! The point of this (nearly) novel was that a chapter was assigned to a writer and they had to write that chapter WITHOUT reading the chapter before theirs. All they knew was the chapter summaries for the story. So based on that, we began writing.

With that being said, if anyone is interested in becoming an editor for this, PM me!

Now, here is a load of recourses with everything y’all need to write this story.


Chapter 7, 8 and 9

Thank you for @Smaug2020 for this summary below.

Chapter 7: @NatashaSantangelo1 start with them leaving the pub. They make camp (without a tent or sleeping bags, just blankets). in the middle of the night, they are woken up by a mythical animal getting into the rations. Almost all the rations are gone, just a few chewed scraps. The next day they travel a little bit, but get nowhere because they are in a thick jungle, so they break camp. That night they try to bait the animal back with the scraps of food and set a snare. They capture three of them and ride them out of the jungle. Sadly, there are illegal poachers who shoot at them, wounding some and killing one. Juniper is also hit. End the chapter on a cliff hanger with them looking for something to stop the bleeding.

Chapter 8: Moi, start with them mistaking poison ivy for dock leaf and making junipers wound worse. They stop the bleeding with mud and shreds of Haelan’s shirt. They find a place to sleep and collapse. The next morning they are desperate for food, as they haven’t eaten in two days, but they find nothing but some inadequate berries. Hoping to find food if not help, they go into a cave and find a large-sized dragon (about the size of a small alligator, dragons aren’t big in this land). They both get second-degree burns. They are half dead when they come onto a beach and see in the distance a cottage. The lady of that cottage lives by herself and is very hospitable, offering them really nice travel gear in addition to a hot meal and a place to spend the night. She also heals her wounds. At one point though, she drops her nice white cloak that she never takes off on the ground and Haelan picks it up and gives it to her. Surprise: she’s a Silkie. The next day It starts raining hard. End it here.

Chapter 9: @Winterlove63 start with them tromping through the rain that afternoon, and that night have them woken up by robbers who want the stuff given to them by the Silkie. They fight them off, but as the robbers retreat they kidnap Juniper. Hale has to save her. the next morning they reach the city. End there.

I’m so sorry if this messes up the idea of beautiful corpses, but it was either that or have the entire section with the journey messed up.




Writers for each chapter

Chapter 1- @LanaJoKing
Chapter 2- @Twins_That_Write
Chapter 3- @Chelansea
Chapter 4- @LanaJoKing
Chapter 5- @Roak_G
Chapter 6- @AmrutaBelambe

Chapter 7- @NatashaSantangelo1
Chapter 8- @Smaug2020
Chapter 9- @Winterlove63
Chapter 10- @DarlaCassic
Chapter 11- @AmrutaBelambe
Chapter 12- @Twins_That_Write
Chapter 13- @Book_Raven
Chapter 14- @DarlaCassic
Chapter 15- @Book_Raven


More info

Aloha! I hope your day is going great!
Be prepared because I have A LOT to say.
First, I’m pumped for this project, so pumped that it’s becoming contagious! So I’m going to rub off some of my eagerness on you guys!
Basically, I wanted to clear something about the mini-bios.
In your mini-bio, you want to include everything about you and your love for writing.
My name is Lola and I’m a young adult writer! I’ve been writing since I was 8 and, now, words come naturally to me. They float out of my mouth! I’ve been on wattpad for 8 years and It’s been great seeing it improve so much! Some books I’ve been reading since the beginning of my journey are; BLAH BLAH, blaaaah, and, my favourite, bloop.
That’s all about my writing journey!

Now you’d write your Author’s note.
I hope you liked the chapter above! It was definitely a challenge to write because I mostly write sci-fi and horror stories. But, nonetheless, it was a fun experience!
I had a lot of fun writing this, and I hope you have that much fun reading it!
Do you think Hael will stay with his parents, or go home with June?
This is Lola signing off!

(DISCLAIMER: these are examples, completely made up, and no, my name is not Lola xD)

BUT, only write your mini-bio once you are complete your chapter(s)
And, for those of you are only have one chapter that you’re writing, PLEASE, (if you have time) write chapter 1!
Anyways, I’ve already done something similar to the thing down below, but I wanted to do it again since there are new people, and our plan has changed a lot.


  1. Finish writing your chapter by the end of September. We’re only waiting on a few people.
  2. Once you’re done writing your chapter send us the link, and make sure it’s edited grammar and spelling-wise!
  3. We edit it and smooth out any bumps between the chapters. Like, for example, if chapter 2 Hael and June are super mad at each other, then, in chapter 3, they seem in love, and then in chapter 4 they’re back to hating each other.
  4. We send you the feedback for your chapter.
  5. You use that feedback to improve your chapter, and hopefully, then the story will more easy to read.
  6. We send it to @SarahYBooks and get her feedback.
  7. She’ll make some small changes, but if there are any big changes she’ll give you the feedback to change it.
  8. Once the story is fully edited and I’m going to post it onto the forum so you guys can finally read it!
  9. When the story has been read by everyone, we’ll then start making sure everyone has sent there author notes and mini-bios.
  10. We’ll do another poll to see which cover we want for our story since there are new people. (Details on that will be revealed once we get there)
  11. I’d like that for your chapter you think of a title because I was thinking to make two banners. One that has the chapter name on it at the beginning of the chapter and one on the end that has your name, Wattpad username, and any other social media you want to advertise if you feel comfortable with that, (Instagram, Snapchat, Tiktok, youtube, facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, email or a writing platform)
  12. We’ll decide on the final details (the blurb, the tags, the genres)
  13. We advertise the story on all of our conversations and hopefully, it catches a few people’s attention.
  14. And finally, we celebrate! And maybe do a one-shot competition if it’s gains a lot of views.

Un-completed chapters:
Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:
Chapter 6:
Chapter 8:
Chapter 11:
Chapter 12:
Chapter 13:
Chapter 14:
Chapter 15:

I hope you’re now as excited as I am for this project because it’s finally coming together!!!

P.S no pressure or anything, but we’re waiting on those unfinished chapters! Take your time though, I know we all have our own things to do (school, work, family buisness)
but remember it’s supposed to be fun, so write because you WANT to, not because you HAVE to!


Inspiring Paragraphs

Here’s something that’s has gone through our minds sometimes when we were doing this project:
I guarantee you it has.
So, let’s seriously STOP PROCRASTINATING. Please.
Basically, if you haven’t given us your email, that’s fine I am now going to share with you the link. You will all have editing access.
So, begin editing. See how your chapter fits in with the others. If you don’t like how it does, then fix it!
Help your fellow mates and edit their chapters and give them feedback.
I’ve shared the link with our editor so she’s going to start editing too.
The fate of the entire project rests on if we decide to finally execute it.

Now, I had an idea. Nothing new.
I am going to make two teams.
One team is for editing, and one team is for graphics and media.
Here is how it’s going to work. If you are interested in joining one of these two teams., let me know.
Basically, if you are on the media team you’ll work on the cover, the chapter banners, other cool media stuff, GIFS, etc… This is important as this is our big chance to hook people into our story by making it visually pleasing.
If you are on the editing team you’ll work on EDITING. You’ll also become have a larger role in this project. Basically, you will have to make sure everyone has their writer notes in. You’ll answer everyone’s questions. You will also be writing the blurb. BUT make sure to work as a team to do all of these things. This is a big role.

One of the main goals of this project was to be able to connect with new writers and have fun.
I am proud to say, we only have three chapters missing and all the others are complete leaving us with nearly 40k words. I’ve said this plenty of times before, but give yourselves a pat on the back.
Anyways, here’s a comic to leave this off with something y’all have to think about.

I thought that was cute. Anyways, aloha and have a wonderful day!!

P.S. I’ll have the link in by tomorrow PM’d to everybody, so stay tuned.
P.P.S. PLEASE PLEASE please let me know if you are willing to join any of the two teams. You can join both if you wish just please stay committed. Do not join if you know you aren’t going to do anything.


Here are the people on team 1 (feel free to think of a name for yourselves): @Twins_That_Write
Here are the people on team 2 (feel free to think of a name for yourselves):


When I was writing my chapter I found basically all my sentences starting with ‘I’ and the chapter itself sounding like a summary… so I found these links that helped a lot in writing the first person past tense so I thought I’d share them with y’all!


This shall be updated as we go.

this post is not up to date


Hello, everyone! This is our new thread, since our old one had become kinda stuffy.

I pay my condolences to 'Calling all Genre Writers for a Fun Project!"

Now let us welcome this new and improved thread!

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I’m here!



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Aloha people! I have a new QOTD to be bestowed upon us today.


How did you find Wattpad?


I summon thee!

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I can help!

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With the editing? If so, I’ll send you the link to the google docs by the end of today.

I can edit, but I would say my grammar skills are only moderate… I can help with anything you need help with

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Well, how about graphics?
We haven’t started worrying about that yet but it’s starting soon since the story is nearly done.

I can try graphics, though I have a limited number of items to choose from (as I don’t have premium for the app that I use).

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That’s fine! I’ll PM you once we start designing.

May I see what the story is? I’m intrigued.

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I’ll PM you the google docs link by the end of tonight! Sounds good?

Sounds good!

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Cool, thanks!

I found Wattpad when I was hit by a car. I was lied up in bed, bored, bitter, angry and sore. By writing, I escaped my bum mood as I healed up.


Should we have a separate thread for the QOTD or is that not necessary, because the editing is done on another doc


A friend of mine recommended it as they knew that I love reading alot :blush:


Well… I have the habit of reading books over peoples people’s shoulders a lot…

And this one time, I saw that my friend was reading a book (the title was something like the Good Girl’s Bad Boy???) on an app- I asked her which it was, and lo and behold, we have Wattpad.

I only found out you could also write on it after I downloaded the app :wink:

I may be slow in responding for the next couple of days, we’re out of town on holiday!

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I don’t think it’ll be necessary.