The Uniqueness Of Your Teen Fiction


Oh, interesting question. Hmm…I’d have to say what sets my YA Mystery apart is that the more you get to know the characters, the less like their stereotypes they are. Since it’s described as “The Breakfast Club” meets “Veronica Mars,” I had to start with stereotypes but I managed to flesh them out pretty well in a short amount of time, or so readers tell me.

My other YA Paranormal has very unique characters, but I guess like my mystery, you really discover that over time. On paper, other than the fact that it’s a multicultural cast, they probably seem like more familiar “types” - The Nerd, the Badboy, The Artist, The Good Girl, etc. They’re so much more than that, but it’s not like in Dumplin’ or Eleanor & Park, where the characters are unique from page 1.


I don’t know if it’s unique but My MC is a thief( the girl) and it’s not just because she doesn’t have money or anything but because she just loves it. She is shamed but she loves it nonetheless so yeah…


I have an honest question. Currently, I’m writing a book where the genre walks the border of teen-fiction and sci-fi. Like, the plot wouldn’t exist without the sci-fi part, but it revolves around teen-fiction. would that classify as a unique teen fiction book or just sci-fi with teen fic?


If you don’t have a story without the sci-fi in it, it should go under that genre. You have a sci-fi book featuring teen character’s dealing with teen issues. The book is the genre that is no longer the story without that factor.


alright, thanks!


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hi!!! I’m currently writing a book, where the MC was diagnosed with PDD-NOS and I try to depict her disroder through out the book. I would really love someone who has experience with autism go through my book and give me feedback. most of what I write is based on research I did, but is not always the same writing about it without experiencing it. I would also like the feedback of @gllaurich I really want to be real with how I depict my character’s disorder.

If you are interested, let me know, and I can send each of you the link through PM.



Sure, go ahead.


just sent it! thanks


I’m pretty busy lately, but try asking in the Spectrum hangout. A lot of us are gathered there.


I’m not sure how it will turn out. But I have tried to create a ‘normal’ school environment. I want to get the message across that everyone has a right to education. It’s still a work in progress. But I hope it turns out different than other teen fictions.


I’m a high school teacher so if you need information about how a school works etc., PM me with questions.


I’m gonna hold you up on that! Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:


No problem. And remember you don’t have to be 100% perfect on the school, it needs to be correct enough for the world you are creating.


This is a great piece of advice! :slight_smile:


I would say my story is unique for the fact that my MC was an adult, but due to circumstances has gone backwards six years in time and is now 17 again.

This gives me an opportunity to write from an adult’s perspective on teen issues, but while also applying more adult themes to a high school situation.

I don’t like making things black and white on whether or not it seems “likely” that a teenager would experience a situation.

This way it’s a little bit more adult while staying within the teenage theme.


I’m fond of the Kitchen Sink approach when it comes to fiction writing, especially in when I’m doing YA Urban Fantasy.

Like you know, if I feel like writing about werewolves, great. Oh, I feel like writing about a biker gang? Werewolf biker gang it is. And you know what? There’s a Vampire mafia. And let’s work the lost city of Atlantis into somebody’s backstory somehow, too. I happened to be reading about fraternal orders and friendly societies? Find a way to work that into the world, too. Because why not? It’s like writing by way of ad-libs.


honestly my story isn’t all that unique aside from its format. i wanted it to take place on instagram because it centers on a long-distance friendship/relationship, and being online and having that connection is probably one of the most “teen in 2019” thing i could think of lmao


That is very 2019. I’ve never even been on Instagram.