The Unsecretive Society of Undiscovered Writers



Nice. Sci/fi is my favorite genre


My story is more of a sci fantasy. I don’t get into the tech very deeply.


I enjoy ironies of fate & human relationships, so I have a fair bit of plot twists that invert the expectations. I also like creating interesting, not overused settings.

While I consider that to be my strengths, well, both require investment in reading my books & some awareness of the world, as it is not something you can see in first line-first paragraph, so it hurts my chances actually.

I tried working on writing something more immediately attractive, with my current WIP, but it is turning just like all the rest. Ironies, and the oddball setting.


Just for you, pal.


Yeah, I get it. I have kind of a dystopian (later on) sci/fi myself, and it isn’t super deep into the tech.




Woah, 0 to Hitler real quick.


Lucky! My one only has around 300 and something reads, as a result of my begging lmao


Add a link to your one&only in your profile, it gotta help with getting you a few reads from the forum activity.


Hmm, well, when i usually address the fact that my book is a romance, people immediately assume it to be a cliche, but… well, um, no?
I’ve read my fair share of romantic books on Wattpad to see what really makes up a cliche romance book: a weak female protagonist, a cocky male protagonist with a self-esteem the size of Canada, and some typical storyline about them falling in love.

So when I wrote my story, I considered all of these aspects and tried to drift as far away from it as possible. The result? Well, I ended up not even focusing on a guy and a girl, but rather - get ready for this - a pharmaceutical company that discovers the cure to cancer in a girl called Emerald. Oh, and there’s some guy she will eventually fall in love with too, but meh, that’s not important.

But what makes my romance unique other than the storyline is the characters: a feisty (and rather witty) female protagonist - I think we should see a lot more of these on Wattpad, what do you guys think?

Also, question; since we’re all newbies here, don’t you think it’s a bit dumb that Wattpad keeps promoting all the stories that have already made it out there rather than undiscovered stories that have potential and deserve to be given it? It just irritates me that every time I log onto Wattpad I see Chasing Red or something being thrown at me. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with the book, it’s just that for a book that’s almost got 200M reads, does it really need more advertising? Sorry for the rant (as good as it felt). Feel free to add on lmao




Hey guys


It is a sound no-efforts required marketing strategy. If 500 mln people liked the book, the next person is likely to like the book. To select the work that is unknown, they need to work like agents. And that’s not the purpose of WP. It is sink or swim, bring your own readers.

As for feisty protagonists, there are a fair few in fantasy, but it is nice that you are writing a romance with the emphasis on the researchers, particulary if you create a believable scientific community with all the backstabbing, pressures, and competition of that world. :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m a sc-fi/adventure writer. I wanna be in the Unsecretive Society.


I am an undiscovered writer, might as well join in. Hello, I write fantasy and fantasy-romance. Honestly, I am just trying to find my place on these forums since I have found only one thread where I’ve actually managed to have conversations for any extended period of time


If it is a romance, why is the lovey-doves part not important?


Welcome to the brotherhood


I get it. That is the hardest part about joining new threads


I’m not sure whether my book is special but it’s practically my baby and i love it so i want to share it with the world :woman_shrugging:


It really is hard. It’s like joining a conversation that’s already been going on for a while, y’know? It’s horribly awkward.