The Wattpad Struggle


Hello people,

I’m a really introverted person, and finding it really tough to get into the social aspect of the platform and be really active in the forums and stuff. I spend way more time just reading and watching than posting and generally don’t find I have anything to say.

I hear all the time that being active on the site is the best way to get views on your work but I just never feel like I have much to contribute to a topic. Anyone else feeling the same struggle?




Haha good to know I’m not alone, I find a lot of the time the site moves too fast for me, hard to follow a conversation and get caught up enough to jump into a thread


I know


I’m never good with socializing and since there are a lot of people who have been here longer and already know each other, it’s easy to get left out.


I just deck into a convo if it interests me. Best way is just to do it, even if you just like a person’s comments. I’ve sometimes followed people who have just liked a post I made.


I tend to be mostly active but even then it is sometimes hard. I talk to some people though.


Yeah trying to talk with strangers online is pretty intimidating. And trying something to a conservation in general can be tough. That’s why I try to go to threads that have to do with topics that I like to talk about.


TBH I consider myself quite active in the forums, yet I barely follow 3-4 threads at a time. My tip is joining in on the conversation on subjects/topics you want to talk about! It’s also ok to post once in a thread your opinion on a subject, and then see if people reply to you. You can also join threads where people post things from their stories (ex: share a quote from your story) and read things and reply to those you like.

Some threads move faster than others, but you can hop in and hop out at anytime! People won’t mind, everyone does the same thing :slight_smile:


Really I just find social things hard in general. I’d rather listen than talk and in real life I get overwhelmed if I meet more than 3 new people at a time :stuck_out_tongue: at least on the new forums here I can like posts as a way to let people know “hey I’m here listening and enjoying your content” its the internet version of the smile and nod


That sums up my life. I try to contribute when I can, but half the time I join the party too late and I’ll either be repeating what someone else has already said, or the topic had gone on for too long so nobody will even read what I have to add. And then there’s the times when people respond to what I say, and then I feel like saying something back, but I have trouble thinking about what to say, so I leave it for later and then forget all about it. I do the same thing when someone comments on my stories.

Not only that, but I also spend an obscene amount of time typing up responses. I put more thought into it than necessary. Even a simple “thank you!” to a nice comment on one of my stories takes a lot of thought. Should I say thanks or thank you? Do I use an exclamation point or does that sound too enthusiastic? Should I add an emoji? If so, should I use a :slight_smile: or :smiley: ? Should I say something else in addition to the thank you? And it almost always ends in me leaving it for later, and then I forget all about it until months later when I’m reading new comments and see it again. But by then it feels like it’s too late to respond. It’s a vicious cycle.


The best way to get on is to find a forum group with people who have similar interests, and take it from there. Some of my favourite groups are those based on my age (we can talk about things without feeling embarrassed about not knowing them) and the writing groups (where we complain about things!).


I’m the same. I do enjoy commenting on peoples’ stories though. I try not to be a silent reader and leave a little reply here or there if I like something. Sometimes people will check out your profile from that.


I definitely agree, particularly when I never seem to find people in my timezone, so I go to bed and thread explode by a couple hundred posts in the night. One of my issues is that I don’t want to insert myself into a conversation in a weird way, so when there’s a bunch of posts gone by, I feel bad posting again.


Haha yes! that’s exactly how I feel sometimes, like I don’t want to burst in the conversation in an awkward way so a lot of time I just read and don’t say anything. And I seem to have a bit of a timezone issue too


The real thing standing in my way of a lot of Wattpad things is time. I want to be more active, support more writers and read their works, make more friends etc. but I just don’t have time.


Time is big issue for me as well, especially when it comes to reading and commenting on other peoples books. I find I don’t quite have the time to sift through the millions of stories here, find one I like, then read and comment and vote on it. I still have a heap of physical books to read through, and between all the cooking and housework and schoolwork my nights are filled with it’s tough to find Wattpad time


Yeah, exactly. I want to find some time, but I don’t know how.


I’ve found some nice people to be friends with on Wattpad by reading and commenting on their books. It can be nerve-wracking to comment, but the thing is most authors like any (nice) comment. Even saying something like, “Hi, I really liked this chapter! Melvin sure showed them that he’s a real wizard!” can really make the author’s day.

And yeah, there are so many stories and so little time, and finding things can be a real chore. What genres and types of books do you like? Maybe we can recommend something.


I really like science fiction and fantasy, but I’m really not a fan of romance at all. I have a hard time tolerating it even as a subplot and most of the stuff here seems to be “genre”/romance which i’m not crazy for.