The Wattpad Struggle



It used to be really hard for me to make friends online because I was a super silent reader and I never used the forums. Eventually I learned if I wanted to make friends, I’d have to talk to people. I began commenting on stories I liked and just kind of tossing comments into discussions that interested me (like this one!). I started running into some really cool people and eventually made friends with a few people who I’m now so close with I want to visit irl.

I guess the point is it’s scary at first and can be uncomfortable, but most people on this site are really great and can be wonderful friends if you get to know them!

Zero romance, just really well-plotted SF that reminds me of Golden Age SF.
(Not my book! Not a self-promo!)

I have others. :slight_smile:


Being active to get reads is slightly different than just being active on the forums. To encourage people to read your work, you want to post on threads that allow you to mention aspects of your story, even if it’s generally about a different genre. While you can’t directly advertise, mentioning your story’s content can peak people’s interest. To get reads and to improve your skills, post in the blurb, first lines, title threads. Insert bits of your story when it fits into conversations. The more people see you talking about your story, the more they get an itch to take a peek.

I should shamelessly post something about my werewolf books here :slight_smile:


go ahead and fill yer boots if you want to talk about your werewolf books :stuck_out_tongue: i mean it’s not a genre I read but don’t let me stop you


Don’t worry about it! The threads are a little awkward at first, but after a few months it gets easier to just jump into a conversation. Making this thread is a good start!


That’s the beauty of being able to mention your works. You don’t choose werewolf books, and considering the overwhelming trope in the genre, I don’t blame you… that’s why I had to write a werewolf book though!

I took the premise of the tropes and thought about how such conclusions could result from actions in the real world. Special bond? Yep, he calls her Sister, and she’s 13, human, dying of cancer. Her character breaks the fourth wall in Sister Wolf. Alpha King? At the end of Little Wolf, yep, but of a micro nation . Enforcer? Meet Mac, recovering alcoholic and leader of his team in Mercenary Wolf. Abused omegas? So overdone and unrealisticly so. To see how it really would be, you’d have to read about Rogue Wolf, which contains so many things and has such a complex character… they all interact in each other’s stories to some degree, but none are “repeats” which I find highly annoying when I come across them.


And here you can see the idea. I didn’t actually talk about the actual stories or characters in depth, but mentioning different aspects? Because after all, what story doesn’t contain bits of other genres? I could have mentioned my non-werewolf books instead, but to me, that would come across as pushing someone and turn people off. Working things about your story into a conversation gives you a start on getting involved in conversations, and sometimes the feedback you get, whether directly or just ideas to mull over, can help your experience as a writer.


And now are you interested in my non-werewolf works? Lmao :wink:


To be honest … I am so tired today I read your response 4 times and didn’t get any of it :stuck_out_tongue: so to answer your question about non-werewolf books all I can say is maybe lol my brain might as well be in my pocket for all the good it’s doing me today


Go to bed then! Talk more later :slight_smile:


Going to be pretty difficult to go to bed seeing as how it’s 10:44 in the morning here and I’m in an accounting lecture


Oh, wattpadding covertly while at work… me too.


My Wattpad struggle here is not that I can’t socialise necessarily, but more that I feel increasingly out of place as the years roll by on here. I feel like everyone on here gets younger and younger and I’m just trying to find age-appropriate writers and friends.

The friends that I used to have when I first joined aren’t on Wattpad any more or no longer update their works or comment or reply to their comments and I guess life has got in the way a bit for everyone, which I can understand. It happened to me too. So I’m just back on Wattpad reacquainting myself with the place and starting over. So many things have changed around here that I’m also finding it hard to navigate so I’m feeling brand new. I would love to make friends on here (who aren’t 13). I’m literally scouring for any and all ‘over 25 and beyond’ threads lol. :grin:


I can relate to that! I find some of the the threads make me feel especially ancient


Makes sense. It’s hard to socialize with different age groups. I’m 24, so I guess I don’t meet the mark haha


I am an antisocial butterfly. I understand. The same happens for me. I try poking people with a long stick saying, “please read.” Most slap the stick away, so I cower in a corner, stuff my face with cheap wine and blocks of cheese, and snivel uncontrollably.


I am not an introvert but struggling to connect hee on wattpad and I agree with some of overdone stuff in werewolf stories I am writing new o e Cub. It has no abuse but it has bit of violence part of story. Basically Cub is about lone 12 year old on run who happens to be werewolf I am more character writer


The Struggle is real… however depends on what you’re after. Whatever struggle here is pale in compassion to real publishing I figure. My audience for now is mostly me.


If the conversation grabs my attention, I add my two cents.


My audience is exclusively me rereading my own work.