The Wattpad Struggle


Oh gosh, that sounds painful. You wanted to get away from shilling and…nope! Of course, if the company is so desperate for sales that they’re roping in tech support for it, yeah, that layoff doesn’t surprise me.


It was a bit of a shocker when they went to Scripting and Sales at the same time they laid off the older Techs.

I don’t mind shilling my own stuff, but VOIP in Beta? Forget it!


Absolutely. I want to get involved more in the community and can do so through commenting on other people’s books, but some people are just SO GOOD at keeping up with forums and keeping relevant conversation. It feels like a full-time job, and I just don’t have that much to add other than doing interview tricks (oh, and what is that? That sounds fascinating, tell me more,) which doesn’t add a whole lot.


Well, you can add an extra 25 to that 25 in my case!


I totally agree with that and I find it very difficult to carry a conversation on this website.


I think the worst are the “lets make friends” threads in the cafe section. I see so many that are just long chains of people saying “hi, how are you” which just like real life I answer with “good” and nothing else :stuck_out_tongue: I need questions beyond small talk and pleasantries to get into a topic things like:
What drew you to this site?
How did you become a writer?
What do you like to write?
What’s your favourite genre?
What about dragons? (This is always an important question and fits into any topic)


Dragons! I love dragons.

Have you read Dragonriders of Pern?


i totally agree with this! i’ve popped into a few of those, said hi, got distracted by my job or my son or sleep and by the time i return, there’s 400 more replies and my appearance was irrelevant. feel your pain! :joy:


I have not, but I keep hearing good things about it, it does sound like a series I would like :slight_smile:


Yup! it’s so easy to feel lost in the crowd


The first few books were superb. Then she changed directions to a YA market and things got a lot less gritty.

But Dragonflight, the first one, should be a classic in anyone’s list of Sci Fi reads. Utterly amazing writing. Anne McCaffery is one of the greats.


Those just feel like extremely long chain mail. I don’t even bother trying with those. Between juggling school, writing, and drawing I don’t have much will left to shift through all that to sort something out. I mist agree with you regarding topics that are capable of producing much livelier conversations.


I preferred her Crystal Singer and Ship books to the Pern books. But that’s my taste for you.

Although I do play D&D. But I think most of my characters would run a mile from a dragon in those games.


I liked those too. Mostly because they stayed ‘gritty’ compared to the Pern books that IMO took a deep swan-dive into Mary Sue Land and never quite made their way back out again.

D&D - oh my lost and wasted youth! Games that went on for whole weekends…I miss D&D! (But not the booze that went with them.)


I agree on not having the time to go through them. I’ve pretty much stopped looking at threads in the cafe because its such a struggle for me to find a conversation or to find one where I don’t get lost and buried under a million replies per second


I’m pretty new to all this so I’m still trying to navigate my way through all of this but I can see being buried.


I still play. I spent the weekend volunteering at Dragonmeet in London and running a couple of games. But, being older, and with more responsibilities, weekend-long games are now only for special occasions.


The area here has a few games. I’ve not been in a place where I could go looking for a game. Right now, my books are taking up all my free time. But I did love to play,


Well, I hope you find time to get back into it.


Omg yes. I feel this struggle every day, but I’ve had this struggle for most of my life. I am not good with people rotfl.