The Wattpad Struggle


I kind of understand your struggle. I mean, there are some awesome people on here, but I don’t want to feel like I need to be running around trying to be friends with everyone just so my works will get noticed. I want the writing to be the forefront, but at the same time I understand it. It’s networking :woman_shrugging:


I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how well Wattpad writers accept comments of constructive criticism. They mainly just seem to be glad that somebody else is paying attention to their work.


That’s the way I feel about it. I can always learn something from a fresh set of eyes.

And the comments and suggestions that I’ve made to others has been well received.

Compared to the OLD writer’s websites, this place is the model of internet decorum. And boy am I grateful for that! I got no fight left in me. lol


Yeah, I feel the struggle. I’ve been having a hard time trying to get views on my book. I’m trying to promote self confidence in my story. Im writing to those who have struggled with anxiety and depression. And I have been pouring my soul into my story trying to discover a way to really merge words with emotion. So that I can get on a deeper level with my readers, and ultimately help people who dont have confidence. I just need a way for more people to see my work, and I just know itll be a breakthrough. But, its so hard when I dont know how to promote it.


God I feel this struggle. Feels like most of my posts are either ignored or get one word replies. I have an awful time striking up an actual conversation with anyone let alone make friends. Have never gotten readers either despite being quite active on here.


It’s hard sometimes. I connected with a good group for awhile, then life got busy, I wasn’t on as much, there it went.


Hate it when life gets busy. Throws a wrench into things it seems.


It’s true, it is hard. Getting readers is important because it gives you the drive to keep on writing.


I’ve gotten good at throwing my stories into conversations. I don’t just talk about content, but make sure to mention the title. For example, I just did a nanostory for a contest, versus, I just added my entry for a nanostory contest into my Poetry And Prose book. It reminded me of the 60 word stories I once did a contest for.


It helps, though I have had to find the drive without. The vast majority of my works have less than 100 reads (including mine). Most of my reads are me checking the formatting.


But let’s be real it’s not really helping right? I don’t know how others do it.


I didn’t know wattpad count the writer’s reads as well


Yup, it does. Taking away my reads, most of my writing has maybe 30 reads at most.


I always go through my books. The algorithm they use for stats is also based on updates. Did you know editing is considered an update? So even if you aren’t posting a new chapter, edit a little something to keep updates working in the algorithm, keeping your story “viable”, lol.


You can also vote on your own story. I save mine for after I’ve written a bit, and haven’t had any activity on it. Again, it’s keeping the book active in the algorithm.


What happens if the book isn’t active?


It slides down the list, and has fewer chances of getting seen.


Oh right, in the rankings or whatever. I don’t understand wattpad algorithm at all. I didn’t even know they count our own reads.


It’s why some people add so many extra non-story chapters to their stories. You swipe, and are stuck with author’s note, synapsis, photos… an extra 10 chapters throughout the book that generate more reads. I find myself ignoring such books.


I don’t like those too. And I also don’t like embedding actors and actresses to my characters.