The Wattpad Struggle


Didn’t really know what the posts in this topic would be about, but I had a good read!
It’s good to read about the genuine struggles opinion and info about the platform :slight_smile:

I started posting my own stories recently, so I guess that right now I’m kind of okay with publishing stuff that are not read by too many people… Kinda, like I’m posting for myself.
Though ultimately I would be really happy to receive feedbacks.

I am always surprised that some writers with horrible grammar that is barely english, poor storyplots and with under 10 chapters sometimes manage to get thousands of reads.

I’d be ready to read good stories with less reads, but I guess the only place to find some is the “Share Your Story” section of the Community :thinking: ?


I’ve only done it once. Saw a picture of a bodybuilder, and instantly knew that was my one character.


The problem is clicking on something just to see what it is, you give a read.


I just discovered that as I was trying to find the comments. I tried to find the comments in writing mode, and couldn’t.

I have mixed emotions about this. I can tweak my own stuff all day long, so it feels really strange.


When you’re more interested in writing stories and you’re interests are too narrow when it comes to reading. It makes the social aspect a bit tougher as one of the ways to gain some attention is to interact by leaving comments on other people’s stories (votes too I guess) in hopes that they may look at your story one day.


Yeah, it’s aggravating when you get feedback in the comments and can’t look at them while writing. I’ve gone back and forth and back and forth…


Your profile says you write ‘steamy’ stories - how do you define ‘steamy’?


I find the struggle is getting tougher and tougher these days


Well at least we’re all struggling together I suppose lol

What genres does everyone read/write? What are you working on right now?


Misery love company? XD

I’m primarily a fantasy/urban fantasy writer and reader currently working on two novels that both exist in the same verse but are spaced hundreds of years apart. Nothing like writing a family origin story while writing about their descendant years in the future. Fun times xD


Introvert, that’s me!


That sounds like it could be cool :slight_smile: I like fantasy


Haha, thank you for reading my profile page :smile:

I use steamy as “r-rated”!
I plan to post some sexy chapters for both my stories, just haven’t updated those chapters yet :wink:


I’ve written a chick-lit, sci-fi, spiritual, and a collection of shorts and poetry. I’m currently working on my werewolf series, and I just finished a nanostory (55-99 words) contest based off a list of Christmas-themed words.


Sounds cool :smiley:!!

Do you plan the overall storylines before starting the actual writing process?


Writing two stories in different genres at the same time… maybe I’m a bit of a masochist :sweat_smile:

First one is a fantasy romance and second is a dystopian romance.

Lotsa writing struggles to come! Haha


Two stories at once can be hard. I tried it once, it wasn’t really for me


Yeah, I thought about that!

But the idea of the second story popped up in my mind last night, and I just reaaaaally felt I had to write it!

Also because I am frustrated that the sexy scenes in my first story take so long to introduce since I try to build the characters’ relationship…when the second story will be built in a totally different way

Hope I don’t end up mixing everything :sweat_smile: haha

@Poundcake93 did you manage to finish writing both stories in the end? Where they of the same genre?


They were similar ish genres and I did finish both :slight_smile:


I’m working on a Romantic suspense that I started years ago. It’s almost finished, just needs the last 5 chapters. It’s about a Gold Star widow and a CID agent, trying to solve the riddle of her husband’s death.

I write Romantic Suspense, Paranormal, a series ‘Horsewomen of the Zombie Apocalypse’ and Literary Fiction under my mother’s pen-name I. C. Talbot. When my mother passed she left me 300 short stories and I’ve been editing them and publishing them. Between the two pen-names I’ve got 30 e-books and 8 paperbacks published to Amazon.

She wrote ‘Luck of the Draw’ but I updated it and fleshed it out - it’s on the Watty’s Short list and has gotten some kudos and votes.