The Wattpad Struggle


Oh nice! What kind of fantasy? Game of Thrones style or something more magical and less political?


Typically more magical stuff than political stuff :stuck_out_tongue: politics make my eyes glaze over and my brain go dead. But I like some urban fantasy too, I really live The Dresden Files


Yeah, I’m the same way. I’d much rather keep my politics and my fantasy happily separated, or at least within reason. Court drama just isn’t my thing xD Also totally dig the Dresden Files! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve read any of the books though. If you’re a Dresden fan you should check out Kevin Hearne’s Iron Druid Chronicles. Absolutely hysterical!


So I realised the other day I asked everyone about the genres they write but I didn’t share what I write :stuck_out_tongue:

I do mainly sci-fi with plans to branch into fantasy soon. I like my sci fi soft and loose on the science part and I tend to enjoy anything with a really imaginative out thereckind of feel. If I wanted somethong close to reality I’d go outside :stuck_out_tongue:


Just spent a while reading topic titles that had no meaning to me, and I found this gem. I definitely have a hard time knowing how to participate in an ongoing thread, not to mention overthinking what to say when I finally decide to say anything at all.

@Poundcake93 That’s awesome, I wish more stories were imaginative. And movies, for that matter.


My thoughts exactly when it comes to posting. I spend a lot of time rewording my posts to make sure I’m being as clear as possible and not accidentally sounding like a dick


It’s hard, you don’t get to smile or be nice, you have to make all the words do that for you! Or use emoji I guess… but using emoji gives me the heeby jeebies.


Good day everyone!


Using emojis can help someone take what you’re saying the way you meant it, teasing or playing and not serious. Lol helps sometimes too. It’s hard to be sarcastic in print :slight_smile:


:unamused: I declare this the sarcasm emoji (even though it’s called unamused)


I usually go for :speak_no_evil: or :see_no_evil::rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and in rare occasions :scream::joy:


i second that :grinning:


I have a hard time talking to people face to face. However I am a very opinionated person and the anonymity of the internet gives me the confidence to say what I want. Writing out what I want to say instead of having to think it up as I talk makes me feel more confident in what I say.

That being said I have no idea if my contributions to the conversation are useful or even completely on topic. Sometimes I can’t think of anything to contribute even if I want to, so I move on to a topic I know more about.


i quite feel you, i am not much of a talker too