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The categories though.




I just want to say how much I love past books that won can’t win again LOL I won’t lie, I was very salty with books that won 2 or 3 years in a row. :joy:



The opportunity to sign a shopping agreement with Wattpad Studios for your story to be shown to entertainment partners.

My dream on Wattpad has always been to be “represented” by their team (I asked once if I could even query them LOL, then the Talent Scouts happened and I freaked out all over again).

crosses fingers

I’m already squealing over the Wattys and the stories that’ll be coming up and the fact I’m entering. Ahhhhhh.


I actually tagged my story.
Heck, there’s a “The Poets” category, even.

No way am I gonna get anywhere but eh whatever.


I have officially entered one of my two eligible stories. Not entering the second because I’d honestly cry if the first time I won a watty was with that steaming pile of poo :rofl: So I entered the story I actually like.

Good luck everyone! :confetti_ball:


That’s how I feel too but then you cant win if you don’t play. It’s not like tagging it requires effort. If it were still the user vote of my first year I’d be singing a different turn lol This way is so much less stressful.


Positive thoughts! What if you win!


See, I’m the opposite. I’m too positive.


Yeah but it also requires quality writing.

I write rap.

Sometimes, rap requires to change the rules of grammar for the sake of rhyme.


I’ll be like, “How crappy were the other submissions anyway?”


One persons quality is another persons crap. Just like one persons crap is another persons quality. So I wouldn’t worry about that. Rules are often meant to be broken.


Eh Imma remain doubtful xD


Nah! I don’t think there is anything wrong in being too positive. I mean it cannot be harmful, can it? Plus, it is always cool to risk on the basis of ‘what if’. Imho, we are not really risking a lot xD


Lol I don’t blame you. I can only be positive because I’m not talking about myself :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but reality is I’m doing the same thing with my own book.


We’re all harsh critics of ourselves xD


You have a chance as anybody. It is cool that you dared to enter. :slight_smile:


Eh I try not to think too much about it xD


Truer words have never been spoken. We are our worst critics.