The Witch's Cauldron 2.0 - The Freedom Train is Moving Forward, Get On It


But being serious, dragons.


Okay back xD

Had to babysit but look what I made!



I love it


It loves you






I am stressing out so much




group business project report is ten pages and the draft is due tomorrow.

Yet I seem to be the only one working on it.


Oh gosh, you got this!


I just yelled at my group in text and two people joined in helping me.

Suddenly I am glad people find me terrifying.


@ElmiraNight Hola


You go girl XD




Closing in on 8300 reads. 10,000 might just be possible before the end of the year if this pace resumes at the same rate or increases.


I guess telling people to get their ass to Google Drive and work really gets people moving.


XD I would be like that
then tell them I will out their ass and show who did what in the fuckin project


Oh I was about to.


Yesterday was the first time I’ve ever passed out and if it wasn’t for the guy beside me who acted fast, I could have been seriously hurt. I’m grateful he was there. But that was the scariest thing to happen to me in a long time.


Oh my god! what happened? Did you go to the hospital? Was it from not eating properly or something?