The Witch's Cauldron 2.0 - The Freedom Train is Moving Forward, Get On It


@ClarissaNorth Your comments on underage tea drinking made me laugh.


I’m just glad to be home from work and that I’m going to have delicious dinner soon. I missed you too! I worried about you after all that party fiasco.

Are you excited for Christmas?


I should’ve guessed it was something other than like long island iced tea.


Which is essentially just everything in the liquor cabinet, right? :smiley:


Pretty much!


I got an A on my math test :smiley:
I’m eating carrots :carrot::carrot:
It’s past noon where I’m, and cold :cold_face:


There was an offer for a three course meal, but all I remember is that there is ice cream involved :smiley:
I love how writing seems to be your highlights too! But that’s not too much of a surprise here I guess :slight_smile:
I wonder, what crazy idea that is…?




I need to go already :frowning: Hope to speak to you all soon again
Have a lovely (rest) day!


OOoooh, what are you having for supper? I’m eating carrots at the moment, lol. Awwwweee, and you are the sweetest. I’m hugging you tight and never let you go, hahaa . :hugs::hugs:
I’m super excited for X-Mas. We have a week off from school. And I’ll have time to snowboard.


Bye, missmurray! :smiley:



Have fun with icecream you lucky scum.


I’m thinking of beef in teriyaki sauce over rice with a fried egg and chopped spring onions then sprinkled with sesame seeds, but it’ll be something of an experiment in cooking.

Nice! Are you good at snowboarding? I’ve got two weeks off; Christmas eve and all of the following week.




Hey friendos - quick question. I’m starting a new book idea and kind of curious if the hook has any merit whatsoever.

Any of my friend peeps willing to read the first chapter and see how it comes across? I’m happy to read a chapter of yours if you want me to look at one too.

I’d go through my critique thread but I’m not ready to post the idea on Wattpad haha. I just wanna know if I should keep going or nah.




I’d be more than willing. I read your stuff anyways & you already have read plenty of my work. It’d be more fun than a favor


Awesome! PM me on wattpad then :slight_smile: you da man.


I have no idea what beef in teriyaki sauce, and or fried egg is… I’m a vegan, lol. But I know spring onions, haha.

I’m quite good at snowboarding. I can do a half turn, lol. And wow, what are you going to do on your days off? :smiley:


@be_butterfly hey bud