The Witch's Cauldron - Baking all the things


Haha that is amazing.

I’m not sure about unfittingly… It kinda doesn’t sound like one? But otherwise “unfit” means not worthy or not capable so I don’t think it’s the right word anyway

But I love the details about the movies, and the spending time with his boys aspect… and the mission? Sounds so exciting.




So post a paragraph? Anything specific?


Can I learn how to train a dragon? :grin:


Which picture you all like better?







Much more badass.


swoons You are too sweet to me.




Imho, it sounded a bit off - not quite matching the scene you are describing…


2 reminds me of The White Stag cover.




Narrows eyes.

You do not train a dragon, mortal.


Just from something you’re working on. :slight_smile:


It is hard for me to compare as they each conveys a different scenery to me :grin:


Agree, 2!!


Ah okay one second.


Okay, so I looked it up and apparently unfittingly is not a word but people use it.


But I’m a Viking by blood! :grin:


Thanks. I hope so since it’s the subplot of Stay of Insanity.


People shifted words all the time. It can be used but it has to be in a right context :smiley: