The Witch's Cauldron - Baking all the things


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I have a warning/disclaimer/explainer typed out at the beginning so anyone who takes the time to read it will know it’s going to be switching back and forth between two characters and different POV types.


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No. It’s about a man who has night terrors which are much worse than nightmares and becomes a monster every time he falls asleep. So he is thinking that he is seeing her.


I love it <3


I think if it’s done well it can be clear and well done. And I know you’re good at different characterizations.


I will probably do 1 tomorrow.


Thank you

And I like you love.


There was one book series that I was enjoying and then the writer did some other stuff, but she switched the character POV’s in the freaking middle of the book. I browsed through the comments and she got so much hate for doing that without warning her readers.

She also ignored reader comments completely which was another reason why people were mad.


I’m just dissapointed that the thread is dead.



That’s crazy. So is he really on top of a building then?? Or is that just part of the dream?

Goodbye main character :laughing:


You make my heart pitter patter!


Shrugs. I guess I scare people off. Cowards.


Well that was the ending of the story. I like to write the endings of my stuff first so I know where I am going.

I have another part where he murders everyone in his floor of his office.


I also scare ppl off. Being part dragon and all.
And being crazy too.



It’s my specialty.


Yeah, that would be annoying, but I’m not going to be randomly switching in the middle. It’s going to switch from the MC consistently every ten chapters until the two story lines converge, then it’s just going to be first person for the last chapters. And like I said, there’s a warning.


Ahhhh… never mind. Lol


At least you’ve included the warning.