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Idk. One minute I was just working and the next thing I new I was passed out on the floor; my head was in the guys lap as he was calling the nurse and some other supervisors to the scene. Luckily the guy was also a supervisor and he knew what to do but still. I’m alright; and im not sure why I fainted. And I didnt go to the hospital but my sister picked me up.


Damn. :confused: That doesn’t seem good… I hope you decide to go to the doctor or something dear. We don’t want you to die on machinery! We love you too much!

Side question - was the guy hot?


My book’s number 27 in vampireromance!!!


I’m calling off work today and my sister is taking me into urgent care. Mainly to get anxiety medicine and maybe some stomach too. My stomach is hurting like hell rn. ;-; And awe, I love you guys too. <3

Probably to other people? XD I mean, he’s not bad looking; but I’m pretty sure he’s spoken for. xD


Congratulations! <3 That’s exciting!


Yesterday it was #55.
I have no Idea how it got so high, so fast.


:frowning: Well keep us posted if you wanna talk about it, we’re here. Poor sweet thang.

@castlequeen2004 Congratulations!


Get well soon!!


Evening all. Are we putting the kettle on?


Clarissssa :smiley:


I want tea, but I’m still in school.


Little Beeeeee! How are you?


Honestly my first thought to that comment was ‘does that mean you’re not old enough for tea?’ and I realised you meant that you are presently in the school and therefore unable to get to tea.


Lol. I though that might be a problem when I typed it, but then I was like ‘nah. I’m not going to bother fixing it, people probably won’t get confused.’


You clearly didn’t account for my exhaustion!




Hello! Seems like there are some fun people around here. To make my reply as efficient as possible I’m gonna ask a question and hope to get some answers before I have to leave.
What is your highlight of the day? Anything. Most days for me it’s coffee and having made time for writing. Today, it’s a date night at a Japanese place.
What about you?


The highlight of my day is editing my book, and adding a section for the copyrights, and another for the acknowledgements.


I’m good. How are you Clarissa? I’ve missed you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hi there, I do appreciate efficiency. :stuck_out_tongue: Congratulations on date night, what kinda food will you be getting?

For me… The highlight will be a weekly show tonight, as well as a twizzler pull-'n-peel thing which I’m eating now, annnnnd…

Writing five pages on the crazy new book idea I just started. :laughing: