The Witch's Cauldron - Help kill this thread??!!


That’s beautiful XD Your story xD

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sticks out tongue

So are you love.


Thanks. I hope I do it well. I mean, I thought it would be fine but now some doubts getting thrown on that.

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Haha, don’t let bitches throw doubts! Do it your way, from what I can see you have a good feel for storytelling. :stuck_out_tongue: Plus I’ll be happy to read it and let you know if some parts are confusing or anything.

@castlequeen2004 Girl you are not crazeh!

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And you know I mean bitches in an affectionate way right? :laughing:

Okay @thread time for me to take a hike in ze cold back to hometown. Wish me luck and that my nipples don’t freeze off.


My Paragraph Story - Freddie Freaker
Make sure not to call the number: 1491403-4014441113131456-FREAK. If you do, a series of 1’s & 4’s will appear on your T.V. screen. Then the name “Freak” will appear right behind you. 1-Freak, 2-Freak, 3-Freak, 4. Now the Freak is knocking on your door. He is at the door! 7-Freak, 9-Freak, 8-Freak, 2. Now the Freak is coming for you. This is the end for you. He will knock on your windows in the middle of the night. Just to wake you up. Then, he’ll let out a big “SQUEEEE!” as he reads your embarrassing fan-fics!


Talks to voices in her head
I could never imagine what like would be like without you guys!

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Hahaha that was strange and adorable and funny.

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What about me??

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I just read was has to be one of the weirdest, randomest things I’ve ever read.


What was it??


A fanfiction about a human-sized brick wearing a suit and tie.


That is weird.
Weirder than me, even.

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Yes, you are also weird and adorable and funny. :smiley:

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A human-sized brick…

I like it :sexy:

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I’m thinking maybe I’m missing something? I haven’t seen all the MML eps and there is a guy in it named Brick but this seems to be about an actual brick not Brick.


So a 50 shades of Grey fanfic? Noted


Uh, no.


It was sarcasm don’t worry.


I actually got the sarcasm after hitting reply. :woman_facepalming: