The Witch's Lonely Hearts Club Band


Maybe if you said…

“dust glinting as it floated in the beams, creating a peaceful scene. Strangely peaceful, given the circumstances.”

or something like that.


@ElmiraNight You got me listening to Consequences again. :laughing:


I shall write 1k words on that picture XD

XD Good, I have been stuck on that song for 2 days now. @SarahSokol5


Yeah, I’ll end up rewording it.


Is it from a different POV then?


Oooooooh that will be so cool! :smiley: Good choice.




finnnnnd meeeee…

somebody toooooooooooooo


Finished writing chapter seven at 2,000 words. Whew…




I can since we both thread jump the same threads.



@FantasybkLover Congrats!!


Haha were you in the one where I was ranting about religion? :stuck_out_tongue:


He saw her blonde hair curled as though she was Marilyn Monroe. Red lipstick had been painted on her lips giving her the look of a siren. He never noticed that she was transparent. The white dress she wore adding to look of her being a ghostly siren. She reached out her hand towards him beckoning him closer.

He never felt his feet move. Never realized that he stood on top of a building. All he knew was that he needed to follow her and needed to be with her again like her never could before. She moved back and he took one more step.

Something from a new short story I am writing.


Thanks :slight_smile: TWR has been consistent with reads and votes, which is nice to see.


Nope. Not me.


Or maybe I was, don’t remember which thread. XD


I’m mixing first and third. Most of it’s going to be the same as Descent, first person following Ferb, but when I need to show what’s going on with the subplot which will be about once every ten chapters, it’ll switch to third person following Perry/Agent P. I’d do it all in third, but it just doesn’t work and I refuse to do multiple first person because it’s too easy to mess up.


I would be careful about mixing POVs. It might throw some readers off.


That’s true, especially if it’s more than two. seems wise.

@AndrieCastana Whoa… that’s pretty badass. I love the kind of sinister descriptions… Is she an ebil ghost luring men to their deaths?


If you are, then why’s your thread dead?