The worst thing one of your characters has done.

Quickly explain a bad thing one of your character has done and the next person has to rate it, based on how vicious and smart it is. Additionally you should try to make suggestions to make it even worse.

In my fantasy book, the main character sticks a needle into the saddle of the horse of the officer that was leading him through woods, causing the horse to throw the officer off and he gets hurt. Therefore, the officer has to release the main character from his binds, to take care of him. Then, my character makes some tea and poisons it. Then he strips the officer of all his belongings and left him in the cold woods. Then the character gets on his horse, gives it a drug that is known to have killed many horses already, so that it can carry him through the night without rest.


That’s… pretty awful. Poor horse. :sweat_smile:

My character Ava was kidnapped by her old friend who was hoping to drag her back to the enemy faction for the bounty. Her friends leapt in to help but were hurt in the fight. However, they managed to take the guy down, and rather than let him bleed out in the sand Ava bandaged his wounds and left him there for giant insect creatures to eat him alive, for the bandits to rob and kill him or, if he was “lucky”, get enslaved and spend the rest of his life half-starved in a slave camp.

Eh, given everything… it probably wasn’t any worse than turning him in to the authorities would have been… She’s a (mostly) nice person.


Ah she’s quite nice. I might have stripped him and left him to die dishonorably in the desert :laughing: but being tortured is definitely worse than a quick death. :+1:

There are more horrible things happening in my fantasy Obsidian that I haven’t written down but for now, my king captured an important woman from the land he is trying to invade who swears that her people will never be conquered. He then promised to make her his wife, to bear him a child whom he will raise to be on his side and eventually use him to attack her people to show that anyone can be turned even her own child. Meanwhile he holds 8,000 of her people as prisoners and promised to torture and execute one for every time she displeases him or if she tries to escape, so if they die, they’ll know she is the one responsible for their deaths. He is doing this to experiment on what it takes to conquer and break her people, using her as the lab rat to have a better understanding of his enemies rather than kill her or use her solely for pleasure.

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My MC kills an old woman, who was like a surrogate mother to most of the team. Stabs her in the chest with a spear. She convinces the kid that walked in on it happening that the woman was dying anyway (which she was) but that was only so he wouldn’t tell the rest of the group.

Yikes. He does not sound like a nice person.

My MC and his troops killed an entire city , pile the skull, burn them, destroy their temple and raised his own temple above it. :grimacing:

But I love him

Well this is a fantasy story with racism and religious belief clashing (fantasy race n fantasy religion dont worry) so yeah


OH BOY this sounds like fun!!

@EmilyGJones yIkEs that’s not a nice thing to do at all, old ladies are innocent and your MC is rude shot

@FayfayAhmadi first of all hello Fay I love you <3 second of all that’s another big fat YIKES those poor people ;-; you get a big ol’ “oh no you don’t” for that one what a bully shot

(y’all I’m sorry I love this idea but I’m a college student drowning in homework going on 6 hours of sleep) BUT ANYWAY

I’m going to go with something a little more on the “tame” side and settle with my engineer son, who specifically designed a plane with such a tiny problem that it was doomed to crash but likely wouldn’t get caught before it was built, then sent his older sister to be the test pilot. When it inevitably crashed every single passenger died and his sister lost both her legs and one arm. The co-pilot was traumatized for life and suffered some pretty severe injuries also, but he was thankfully able to recover physically so um maybe there’s that???

this same character also befriended a girl with whispering dysphonia and got her to teach him sign language only to betray and try to murder her, trick her into killing one of their other friends, then stab her to death while she was still in shock sooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

OH @Kimmy_Grace I MISS YOUU!! and yeah big fat yikes LOL. Well, I have another big yikes in the messed up character one (the one with betrayal)

AND I SLEPT LIKE 4 hours last night so HIGHFIVE

But somehow your story always make me shiver like crazy. I opt killing a lot of people cos it seem that a lot of people make it tamer (like, they are statistic in the end) but yours, killing with feeling, its a whooooole new level

I mean like, I felt it when you said “Stab when shes still unconscious”

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Literally anything my villains do are horrible. The worst thing I can think of is when the main antagonist of my first story tortures and kills the teenage daughter of another villain who ends up becoming an antihero at the end. And by the way, he records it, too, and blasts the sounds of her screams out through the intercom so the other guy has to hear that while frantically trying to search for her.

Don’t worry. He definitely gets what’s coming to him by dying the most brutal death in the story. (It’s a sci-fi/horror/zombie story and it’s incredibly violent)

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OH BOY messed up characters are my favorites!!! As demonstrated by the fact that Leviathan exists!!! I feel bad for our kids Fay we’re so mean to them why are we like this

YAY LACK OF SLEEP PALS we can do it I believe in us but also I am so sorry that sounds terrible <3

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaah so my friend Tiz and I made a bunch of Danganronpa roleplays (where the above child is from) and we deliberately wanted to focus on the psychological effects od having to watch your friends die and facing these kinds of motives and tough decisions (the above child was motivated to kill by the threat of his entire presence on earth being just COMPLETELY erased, like no one would even remember who he was and his pride wouldn’t allow it) and basically it got real dark real fast it was. no fun. and we cried a lot. rip <3

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ooffff you have proper villains then ahaha, glad to know he gets his comeuppance. Also I love antiheroes, so much. yours sounds gruesomely good haha

My villain seems the opposite of a villain; she’s small, blonde, angelic, wears kitten heels and baby pink all the time. She essentially manipulates the protagonist throughout the book, gets his friend killed and then has him believe it was an antihero friend, has him steal the money of that antihero friend in revenge all so she can afford to go to New York and see her brother. she gets her comeuppance luckily

That’s horrible. Maybe make it so the protagonist knows that she wants to see her brother and is sympathetic, thus making them less likely to look at her in a bad light.

One of my characters, who appears to be one of the more down to earth people that the protagonist meets, ends up almost killing/drowning someone all because they’re a Leo. They realize their mistakes, but they can’t change the past. Please note - this is one of the lighter fucked-up actions in my story, but since I haven’t started publishing it on the site yet I don’t wanna get too specific or say the worst action committed by a character.

The MC character of one of my books worked as an engineer, and designed a super weapon that was used to kill potentially millions of people. She feels really bad about it and spends the whole book trying to fix things, so it wasn’t a malicious act or intentional.



MY Fave character is a Queen. She is a royal that is very strong and very beautiful, smart but really innocent. Then she fell in love with a prince and marry him. But it appeared that when he became king, it appeared that he use his wives to try to make the best breed of the race. So the Queen give birth to many children, but every time the child born, the king tested their power and when they have none, he killed it.

the worst part is that every of her child has no power, except one, so in the end she became crazy and she has this need to kill, so in the end the King put her in an empty island to protect his subject.

I love her. and the only child. Shes in chapter 20 (in my gdoc) cos I want the wattpad one is the result of my rewrite (so it is more comprehensible LOOL due to my grammar)

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oow interesting!

wooo interesting!

Mmm, man my characters are nutcases. Here’s a maniacal ‘game’ made by the main antagonist, Agate, in a draft fan fiction I wrote.

The scene takes place in a large British cathedral, Agate has taken all the heroes prisoner and left one in the centre of the building, 14 year old MC, Asriel. Agate has taken his other 7 family members and hidden them around the cathedral, each strapped with a bomb vest and puzzles that can only be solved in a sequential order. Asriel has fifteen minutes to find and save his friends while Agate attaches him mid-game. Long story short, 4 of the seven, including Asriel’s father die in the explosion and Agate destroys the cathedral before killing Asriel following tricking him into believing he was safe.

I have one more. Rate either one of you like.

This is a fantasy story: My main antagonist, Eli, has killed the MC’s girlfriend, Rose and taken her back to his city, Loutera. Here, Eli revives Rose through fantastical means only to place her through a torturous surgery. This surgery includes:

Removing ALL skin tissue from her body and replacing it with metal. Removal of ALL organs. Removal of all blood, removal of muscle tissue, essentially hollow out the body. Destroy the nervous system and skeleton of a patient and replace it with metal. Replace the brain with a hyper advanced sentient CPU

Eli performs the surgery while administering no sedative or anaesthetic to Rose, she dies following nervous system destruction midway through the surgery. Eli then turns Rose into a cybernetic version of herself to serve in his army. He turns Rose into a living weapon, buries her true identity and uses her as a weapon.

Wow! That sounds horrible! And at the same time intriguing; I have a penchant for violent stories. The first thing I posted in this chat was with a similar situation regarding the main villain.

But here’s another one!

It’s from a short story I’m working on called City of Silence, a brutal deconstruction of the YA dystopian story. Kyros is the leader of a resistance group known as the Screamers who work to free the City of Silence from a dictatorship called AntiVox that has forced the citizens to wear collars that will detonate if they speak the Forbidden Words (anything against their leaders). However, it slowly turns out that Kyros is starting to become worse than the oppositition: taking advantage of his lazy immature teenage rebel, he continuously lets them get killed off to save his own skin, massacres an entire building full of the opposition’s soldiers (known as the Silencers), and even let’s every single member of his resistance group die (aside from his sister and the main protagonist) as he kills every single member of AntiVox and takes over the City of Silence for himself!!!

And you thought that was bad? In the final moments before our main heroes stop him, HE DETONATES EVERY SINGLE COLLAR IN THE CITY, EFFECTIVELY KILLING EVERYONE!!! However, the main characters (the protagonist and Kyros’s sister) survive only by removing their collars and it’s left ambiguous whether they survive the removal given the surgical requirements…

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0—0 Jfc you’re insane! That’s absolutely mental! I can’t even describe how evil that is. I thought I was bad…

I’ve had a thing for sequential/elaborate evils =)

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