The Writer's Inn (OPEN)


haha just as long as Azula isn’t involved she cheats when she fights.

Zuko is my hubbie :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: lol

If your pic something you drew or a character?


Oh, what I didn’t even realize that was Zuko! What’s your favourite anime?? (Does Avatar count as anime?)

I just found it online :stuck_out_tongue: Between the rainbow sweatband/background and skin tone, I figured it was a pretty accurate representation of me. Someone told me it reminded them of the Inuyasha art style so let’s just go with that lol


Think it does lol. Um I can never remember any anime but I’ve been told I watch a lot? Lol but stuff like Naruto, Castlevania (idk if that’s anime but it’s animated and on Netflix and it rocks) RWBY I’ve seen some bleach and wanna get into that!

Not sure what that is but I LOVE THE PRETTY COLORS


Ah, Naruto, good times. Sounds like you like shounen. Unsolicited recommendations: Inuyasha, Death Note, Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou, Zatch Bell!, Deadman Wonderland… In case you felt like dabbling :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That’s all that matters.


OMG I LOVED ZATCH BELL. Never finished it but loved it


We’re at 6 members and still recruiting!


Hi everyone. Just wandered in and wondered what’s up and what’s this all about. So, um, what’s up?


We’re making a little writer’s group made of around 10 members or so, a group whose aim is to become better writers through each other’s aid. That and just getting to talk with other writers more directly and personally. Looking to join ?


I’m interested, but time’s a little tight for me. College is starting again, I’m an officer of one of the on campus clubs, plus I tend to be a slow writer anyways, but if it’s not strict on frequent participation then I’ll be cool it.


Sorry, I think it’s better if you look after your studies. I’m afraid that having only 10 members or so warrants some activity from all of us.


Yeah, I figured. If it was better timing I would love to join but life gets in the way. I can always just pop in and out to say hi though right?


Hello! @anyone


Yes, sure


Could I join?


come on in !


Man wasn’t it the best. I used to yell the spells out lol BOWZAKERUGA


Sadly didn’t finish it lol but i remember a BUNCH of the episodes


I’d like to join too please!


You’re welcome to join us. I sent the link to you on wattpad - the main site. It’s a bit convoluted now.


Hey, I’m interested in your writers group if you still have space. I am currently working on a new story and could use some advice, tips and encouragement from a small writing group. :):slight_smile: