The Writer's Inn (OPEN)


Can I join


yo, is it too late to join? :slight_smile:


May I join?


You’re welcome. I sent you the invite.


Sure. Sent you the invite.


The invite should be in your inbox.


Is there still space for one more? I’d like to meet other writers. :slight_smile:


Just sent you the link.


I need to be apart of this group, because none of my friends write or read. They are all social butterflys while im the ugly moth in the corner…I think I let my emotions get to out of hand well byeee!


Hey, you’re welcome to join us. We got lamps if that’s what you’re into. I sent you the invite, it should be in your inbox.


To all of you who didn’t get the invite, reply to me on the website so I can send it to you again cause wattpad seems to not register some of the messages I send.


It’s not yet there.


Hello! May I join?


Hello! I’m not new to writing, but I’m the only one of my friends who does… may I join?


Sure, check your inbox for the invite.


This club sounds interesting. I would love to discuss my work and other people’s work and bounce ideas around with fellow writers. So if there is still a spot available, I would love to join.


Can I join too :face_with_hand_over_mouth: I really like the idea if this club, though I may not be as active as I’d like to be cause of my academics but weekends is where I bloom full lol


Hm…place where I can show my little work and talk about it. Invite me in. I may not be really active, but i’ll try


I would like to join.


I would also like to join. Please and Thank You.