The Writer's Inn (OPEN)


Hi, just joined the site. Wow there are tons of stories, how do people generate an interest for their work?


I’d love to join to experience for myself how a book club works, if that’s alright.


I’d love to join this!


So, is this just a bunch of writers coming together and like - relaxing?


Not only relaxing. We also talk about things, drop jokes and share our ideas/wip/troubles


@EncryptedWriting @SylviaWolfe I’ve messaged you both on wattpad with links to the group!


Could I join?


Hello, I kinda need some advice on how to continue writing without being distracted.


This sounds like a good idea. I’d like to join.


Please send me a link to the group @AMValentines


@Chaz1235 @1213NR @False-Prophet @Nenesta

I sent you all links to the group. Please check your wattpad inboxes!


Is the discord app free?


100% free


Hey is it on the discord app
and can I get the link so I can join


Hey, I’d like to join


@BrianDike0 @kailews

Hey guys! Check your inboxes on Wattpad!


can you send me the link please. thanks


Yup! Check your Wattpad inbox!


Hi @AMValentines ,

Directing people to off site chats (even without a link) is not allowed on the forums. Because of this, I will be closing your thread.

Thanks for understanding,
Makayla - Community Ambassador :makaylasophia:

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