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Hi there!
I’ve seen a few others do this so I thought it’d be a great idea and now that I have a bit more free time I’m looking forward to doing my part too.
What I’m offering to do is to comment a fair bit on three chapters of your choice (if you don’t specify I’ll just assume its the first three regardless of whether its just an intro or playlist etc.) I’ve found that having people comment on your story is a great way to gain some readers, discussion and feedback.
If I like your story a lot I might even continue reading it after I’ve completed the three chapters as part of the comment spam.

I will do feedback on:

  • fantasy
  • fanfiction (keep in mind that I might not know all randoms so you might just have to give me a bit of a heads up)
  • romance (depending on what is in the book)
  • action
  • chicklit
  • historical fiction
  • and more! Just ask and I’ll let you know. Will not be accepting horror, anime, poetry and a few others

Apply with:

  • Name of Book
  • Author/Name
  • Short Summary
  • Link to Book
  • Genre

Payment: All I ask is that you do the same for me. While I’ll be doing a fair few comments, for payment all I’m requesting is at least 3 comments on my story Unpredictable for chapters 1,2 and 3.
Please note that if I do not receive the payment within 10 days of my comment spam being completed I am likely to go back and delete my comments unless there is a reason for it. You may feel free to do the same if you believe I am taking too long with my comment spam but please do keep in mind that you are in a queue.
Looking forward to reading your work!!


Hey there! Thanks for this :slightly_smiling_face:

Title: Lucas
Name: Brooke Kuipers
Lilith is haunted by ghouls; they pull her hair, hang from her clothes, and try to hurt her as often as possible. Lucas is a dark, mysterious stranger she keeps seeing around town. The thing is, no one knows who he is - let alone where he’s from.

The more Lilith is drawn to Lucas the harder it is to track him down. He runs hot and cold, constantly turning up and disappearing again. The closer they become, the less Lilith understands and the more the darkness crawls upon them both.

It’s not until Lilith loses everything that they realise their fates are tightly bound, with no chance for escape. Their story is foretold in the stars, in the past, in the future; and there’s not a goddamn thing they can do about it.

Genre: Paranormal/Romance

Thanks! If accepted I will complete payment on your book :slight_smile:


Name of book: Wreaking Havoc
Author: niightdreaamer
Short summary: Like a tornado, wreaking havoc to every place that it touches, leaving nothing in its wake but ruins.

Unrelenting and fatal, it spreads death and destruction across the globe.

So what is the name of this merciless killer, you ask. Plastic.

We have turned our oceans into global garbage cans, causing the ever-increasing number of deaths of aquatic flora and fauna. If there’s anything we need to destroy, its plastic itself.

Destroy or be destroyed. It’s that simple.

Link to book:
Genre: Short story


Book Name: Shards
Author Name: FierroThorne (Sandesha A.)
Summary: This is a book with various different pieces of stories that I’ve stopped writing. There are recurring themes throughout the book.
Link to book:
Genre: Fantasy, Fiction

If you could read from Fragment one to Fragment Three that’d be amazing. Thank you! :heart:


@BrookeKuipers @niightdreaamer @FierroThorne you’ve all been accepted! I’ll get to them shortly :slight_smile:
Five spots remaining


Thank you!


Name of Book: Reasons Are Our Own
Author/Name: sidescribe
Short Summary: Its about two people trying to reach their goals by using eachother through and arranged marriage.
Link to Book:
Genre: Romance


@FierroThorne no problem at all!
My wattpad reading list for these comment spams isn’t working properly but please do know that I have seen all your requests and have got the list ready in my head. Have already gotten started and I’ll be doing them in the order of your requests.
@SIDeScribe you’ve been accepted!



Donna carothers
Paranormal with some romance

My whole life I felt like I was in the dark like things were being kept from me. Than I began to have these dreams. Dreams filled with monsters and four boys I can’t seem to forget. They’re getting worse and I’m afraid. I can feel it deep within my gut that something’s coming. My whole world is changing around me and even though I know they’re just dreams, they feel like a warning. I just wish I knew what it all meant. As time goes on though, I’ll find that not everything you dream, is a dream, sometime things can be real as come be.


It’s just pretend
Donna carothers

"What could go wrong?" I should have known as soon as those words left his mouth that everything from this point forward could go very wrong but when the schools hottest bad boy ask you for a favor. You don’t say no. So here i am pretending to be Mr. Hot stuff’s girlfriend all so he can get revenge against his ex. When did i become such a push over but he’s different than I thought. I thought he was just a pretty face, arrogant, and completely insufferable but he has a sweet side, one he hides from everyone. As time goes by and lines begin to blur I’ll find that just pretending is harder to do than I thought. Soon if I’m not careful I might loose the one thing I’m not willing to give. My heart.

Here is two you can choose from just left me know which one you picked… let me know what you think🤗

I’ll get started on your story now


I have completed the payment.


Thanks! Will get started on it as soon as I can


@BrookeKuipers and @niightdreaamer, I’ve completed your comment spams. Great writing!


Hi! I’ve completed the payment - and your story is very good indeed.


Thank you so much! Your kind words mean a lot to me.
I’m just about to start your comment spam


You’re welcome! And I hope you enjoy!


Just finished. Great little story you got there! Very intriguing.

@SIDeScribe and @DonnaCarothers you’re next! I should be getting to it within the next 24hrs. Sorry for the wait and thank you for all your lovely comments on my story :grin:


Thank you so much! I’m so excited to read your comments! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Name of book: Whatever Souls Are Made Of
Author/name: Nora Politano (italychick)
Short summary: Of soulmates, schemes, and inconvenient loves. Or, Sam’s soulmate is in love with her best friend, so she dates his worst enemy. It made sense at the time.
Genre: Teen fiction romance with a dash of fantasy


Hey! I’d love more readers, thank you for offering this! My book is a paranormal teen love story.

book: Silver Glass
author: AugustineReverie
summary: Sardonic sixteen-year-old Dulcie Stone knows what happens when she tells people how they die: they live in fear and still die exactly as her visions predict. When she foresees the death of her humanitarian-obessed classmate Anselm Nichols, she’s shocked: he drowns when he’s still about sixteen. No one’s ever been this close to their death before.

Concerned by her reaction to his death, Anselm won’t leave her alone. And with each passing day, Dulcie grows less and less certain that she wants him to. But the closer Anselm gets to Dulcie, the closer he gets to the horrible truth that will ruin the rest of his short life.

genre: paranormal/love story/teen
payment: as soon as you accept!


I bet you’re Pretty busy rn but I’d really appreciate if you could check out my story Time traveling (It is fanfiction but an au so if you’re not familiar with bts it doesnt really matter lol)

Name of book: Time Traveling / romance through time

author: @Nathaniel9808
Short summary: MC gets thrown back in time 500 years into a not so modern Korea and has to manage his (love) life there until he can return to the future