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@DonnaCarothers just finished your comment spam! Really great and catchy story you’ve got there! Putting aside a few grammatical errors, you’ve got a tick in my book!
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@italychick just finished your story. I loved it! It’s a really unique and interesting idea which I look forward to continuing with.
So happy with all the great work of yours that you guys have exposed me to. Have some really interesting stuff I look forward to reading as soon as I get the chance.
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  • Name of Book: What the Morning Brings

  • Author/Name: @infIorescent

  • Short Summary:
    Ori is an average, boring boy. Or so he thought, until a mysterious circus appears in his backyard. He meets Blithe, a golden, glittery acrobat who immediately draws Ori in. So when she invites him to run away and join the Cirque de Reverie, how can he refuse?
    Two sisters. Opposites. When one runs away, leaving the younger sister heartbroken, she must find a way to save her older sister before it’s too late. But in a circus that thrives on magic, mystery, and manipulation, that task might just be monumental.

  • Link to Book:

  • Genre: Fantasy/YA


@AugustineReverie I’ve just finished your comment spam. I really like the unique and intriguing idea that your story has flourished into and will definitely be adding it to my library.
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@infIorescent just finished up your comment spam. Sorry for the wait. You’ve got a truly enchanting story on your hands!


Just wanted to clarify for current and future use of this thread, I have added a slight stipulation to the requirements of receiving a comment spam.
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Just posting to say that I’m opening up this forum again to accept some comment spam requests!


Title: Sidewalk Flowers
Author: Sophiea34
Genre: Romance/Teen fiction
Summary: Arkenham. On the surface, his life is perfect. Rich, good-looking, and popular, if a bit reserved. But underneath his life is a mess. Divorced parents, recent breakup, and a boatload of other assorted issues.

Isabelle. Foster kid with a nasty history. On the surface she’s fine. Brand new life in a brand new town. Beautiful, athletic, and sarcastic. But underneath, her life is a mess. She’s terrified of moving on again, but she knows her new life is too good to be true. So she lives waiting for the day when she has to pack up again.

She is exactly what he needs, and he is exactly what she needs. But they could easily tear each other apart in the process of trying to come together.

If you can read three of Arkenham’s chapters (the ones that are song titles instead of dates and locations) that would be great. Isabelle’s chapters aren’t as good.

  • Name of Book: LEAD ME ASTRAY
  • Author/Name: @lesserknown1
  • Short Summary: An enchanting genderqueer Empath must help a Dead Girl discover and complete her unfinished business, but they’ll need the protection of a smoldering Werewolf along the way. Turns out being dead won’t protect our ghost in the mysterious underworld of New Orleans. Protection from what, you ask? An affluent vampire with a killer history of kissing the girls and making them cry.
    A ghost, an empath and a werewolf discover there’s nothing scary about poly. Along with romance, this book features plenty of action as we try to solve the mystery of Aurie Edison’s murder. And don’t worry–I keep the sex scenes separate, making this an ideal read for people who prefer not to be slammed with kink.
  • Link to Book:
  • Genre: LGBTQ+ Polyamorous Paranormal Romance

I’d be happy to complete payment once you let me know if you’d like to comment spam my story. Thanks! :slight_smile:

  • Name of Book: The Secret of the Waves
  • Author/Name: -oceanwriter-
  • Short Summary: Popular, pretty, and smart, Pearl’s life has been a breeze. That is, until she takes a shower and finds a mermaid tail…
  • Link to Book:
  • Genre: Fantasy
    Thank you so much!