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@Sophiea34, @lesserknown1 and @oceanwriter you’ve all been accepted! I’ll get started on the first of the requests hopefully tonight, if not tonight then very soon!


Thanks much. I’ll get started on yours as well. :slight_smile:


Thank you. I’ll get started on yours tomorrow.


I’ll get to your story tonight!



@bluecarraway and @AverySummers you’ve been accepted and added to the queue.
@Sophiea34 I’m starting your story now!


@Sophiea34 just finished your story! Thanks for sharing it with me. It was great.
@lesserknown1 you’re next! Should hopefully have it done within the next hour or two


@lesserknown1 finished with your story! You truly had me intrigued with your incredibly unique story.
@oceanwriter I’ll be getting started on yours sometime in the next 24hours


Thanks TheFictionDreamer! You’re much appreciated, and I’m glad you liked the story. I’ll complete payment ASAP :slight_smile:


@oceanwriter just finished your story! Really enjoyed reading it
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Hi. I only have one chapter up but would you be willing to comment on it and in exchange I’ll do the same for your story?


Hello! Here is my application :slight_smile: I’d like you to read chapters 1, 2, and 3 and will do the same once you have accepted.

Name of Book: Beast within the Beauty

Author/Name: Jenna R. Bloom

Short Summary: A Beauty and the Beast Retelling in which the Beast demands a bride be sent to his castle every year. Ismae steps forward, however, she has no intention of being his docile wife. She has married him for one reason: to kill him.

Link to Book:

Genre: Romance / Fantasy


@forsoothsayer yep, no problem at all! You’ve been added to the queue
@Bemythyst you’ve been added to the queue as well and can I just say that I love a good fairytale retelling


I’ve left some comments across the first four chapters of your book already :smile::smile::smile:


@forsoothsayer thanks! I really appreciated them all. It hopefully won’t be too long till I get to your story.
@bluecarraway just finished your story! It was really entertaining despite not knowing a thing about Stranger Things.
@AverySummers you’re next. Will have it done by the end of my day




@bluecarraway no problem at all! My pleasure
@AverySummers just finished up your comment spam and can I just say that your story is absolutely beautiful!
@forsoothsayer and @Bemythyst you guys are up next! I’ll hopefully have your comment spams done within the next 24 hours


@forsoothsayer and @Bemythyst I’ve finished your comment spams! Truly enjoyed reading your stories.


Thanks so much! I’ll have to start yours today.


No problem at all! It was my complete pleasure :blush: