There Should Really be a better selection of Wattpad Book to Film adaptations

This isn’t on Wattpad Book to TV adaptations, but their film adaptations.

As we know, both “The Kissing Booth” and “After” came out recently. “After” made sense as a film adaptation since the book’s popular and I do still plan on seeing it. After was one of the first books I read here on Wattpad. I watched the movie “The Kissing Booth” a couple months back and thought that movie was good too.

But after a while, from seeing reviews and such, it made me realize that the problem with these two adaptations was the fact that they BOTH showcase toxic and downright abusive relationships.

There are SO many better books on the site that I’ve read and deserve movies. Heck, even a couple popular ones I’ve read that deserve adaptations for film.

The fact that the two latest movies based on Wattpad make everyone assume that the site is actually fill of those books is both true and not true.

Yes, Wattpad has a lot of bad boy books and cliches. But, even there are plenty of different and popular stories and authors with a unique selection of stories.

Saving Elliot, When My Shift Ends, Kissing Is The Easy Part, High School Hit List, Once Upon A One Night Stand, Slow Dancing, just to name a few. These are all big books from popular authors that are different from one another.

Its upsetting that the latest WP book to film adaptations showcase these unhealthy and toxic relationships.

With the Wattys now allowing possibility of someone’s book to be made into a tv or film, hopefully with whatever the next movie adaptation is and such that it showcases how unique Wattpad’s books are and that they aren’t just any toxic/unhealthy relationships.


Good thought.


Good luck with that. Women won’t stop reading those books for some reason, and Wattpad HQ has to go with the most financially viable option. If women would just stop reading those books, they’d fall out of favor and the romance community could move on to something healthier. But I guess there are a lot of women out there living a cycle of abuse who truly consider these to be desirable relationships. ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯

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I don’t like them, but I agree that many like them… for a reason that I obviously can’t understand…

:crossed_fingers: cause I need something better, more healthy


I’ll be honest and say that Wattpad can’t really control which stories someone wants to buy.

People gobble up those toxic relationships like candy. Mostly because it’s fiction, and most people know it’s unhealthy. But that’s what they like, because it’s drama, and humans love gossip and drama. People love fixing broken people, 20 brownie points if they think they’re hot.

That being said, I am sure there is a market for more than just those stories, but I would also say that those stories are the easiest to sell in regards of “this will at least generate some kind of profit.” I am sure the production houses that directed them knew it would be something that many would pay for.

I am sure, over time, more media will come from Wattpad that is more than just a cliche bad boy romance, but I am not entirely surprised that that is where they started.


I haven’t watched nor read neither After or Kissing Booth because they don’t interest me, but I do hope that more varied genres will make it onto the screens.

There’s Light as a feather on Hulu which, from my understanding is a teen/horror/paranomal story and Sony has bought the rights to Death is my BFF in order to turn it into a TV show, so I’m hopeful that we’ll get to see some more different content over time.


With the way that Game of Thrones exploded recently, I’m hoping that other mature fantasy or just regular fantasy stories have chances to hit the market.

Without talking about the finale, GoT was an insane shift in the whole TV media scene. Normally, people would not be talking about that kind of show, and the way that it happened should show those stories have a greater chance.

I think now might be a good time for the adventure stories and such as well, going off that trend.

But hey, let’s romanticize abusive relationships, because that paints a great picture for guys and girls on how to act, that sure is the example we want to set.

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I agree with this. Plus SyFy just recently released the pilot episode for Wattpad’s Expiration Date a couple of days ago!

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That one, too! I forgot about it.

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Your comment just made me notice something… all the “romance” books on Wattpad get movie deals and all the other genre’s get tv deals. I wonder why is that. I mean, mystery, horror, SciFi, etc, do serve good as t.v. shows, but wouldn’t they look good as movies as well?

I feel like the contemporary romance stories are less ‘complex’ in a way and more straightforward. There’s much more world building needed for fantasy and sci-fi so a longer format probably accommodates them better.

The CW also had a pilot made for Cupid’s Match but I haven’t heard much about it since.


That’s true. And isn’t Cupid’s Match a SciFi-Fantasy or something along those lines? I haven’t heard much else from it either. The last thing I heard was when the pilot came out.

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I think it’s paranormal romance. Something about a girl being literal Cupid’s mate or something.

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The thing is that a lot of the wattpad fanbase reads primarily those stories. I’ve seen romance novels that have a lot of issues even at a mere technical level, and they have thousands of reads because they are romance novels. Compare that to the Sufi books which get that much if they’re lucky. People want to produce things they know have a fanbase because that’s easy money. Wattpad does have other popular releases, but they will chose what has the most representation from their users. This it comes down to us to show wattpad that we do have more works than the standard romances that frequent the front page.

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I love all the world building done in sci-fi and fantasy. I try to do a bit of it myself in my novels.

omg, i totally agree!! there are so many talented writers on the website that do genuinely write amazing books and would have great potential to get movie / tv show adaptations but get blocked by stories that glorify, like you said, unhealthy and toxic relationships!!

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It is the popular books that rule and apparently these kinds of topics are what people are reading meaning they are more likely to be forwarded for movies and such.