There's No Sunshine

There’s No Sunshine

Intended Audience: Young Adult
Genre: Romance
Length: 80-90k words

Logline: Isaac has lost his eyesight due to a horrific car accident. After that, All he thought about were colors.



  • Isaac remained jolly and stayed the same teenager he’d always been, but the people around him started to really change. They treated him different because of his situation. He started to regret not turning a different way the night of his accident. Thoughts filled his head of what ifs and what would’ve happened.
  • Through Isaac’s story, we experience his journey towards understanding he needs to forgive himself for what has happened. Along his new lifestyle which he must now get accustomed with he finds love for body are and painting. Although he can see it he feels the paint brushes on his skin, he hears the strokes of brushes on a canvas. He starts to dedicate his life to this.
  • Once Isaac finally find his calling and feels slight happiness he gets a realization that he never wanted to fall in love and that all he needed was art. Until, one day he was truly not expecting someone to fall in love with him. He can’t stand what life has thrown at him because now he realizes he could never see who was in love with him. It was out of his control. He really was experiencing blind love. Everyone told him this journey would never be easy but he was ready for the ride.

One more key note

  • Isaac’s journey is full of emotions: guilt, grief, forgiveness, anger.
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