Things in Werewolf novels that really grind some gears



There’s always that recurring theme that you see in most, if not every werewolf book. Out of all of them, which one bothers you the most?

Personally, I’m really not for abusive relationships between mates .


Abusive relationships and then everything is dandy.

Illnesses and disabilities disappearing because of ‘the power of love and mates’

Weak MC, like flat character, no backbone what so ever. And as a contrast OP MCs.


I can’t stand abusive relationships between mates and then everything “works out.” That’s not realistic. People (nor werewolves) change easily. It takes time and effort and the will to change. Plus, from what I know about “imprinting” and “mates” as far as werewolves go, it’s ridiculous to have some instinct telling you “I love this person and I want to be with them,” and then act like a complete dick.

My feathers are ruffled, lol.

I stopped browsing werewolf stories because they all seemed like they were reskins of the same story, or a rip off from Twilight. That being said, when I find a story that’s unique, and manages to grab my attention, I won’t set it down. It just seems like it’s really hard to find good ones that aren’t generic or overused.


Yes! I don’t understand how a mate can be rude to the MC for almost the whole book and then suddenly loves them because the book is about to end.


Every once in a while you find the book that you absolutely can not put down, it’s like you struck gold or something and when you go looking for another, everyone is being abused and controlled by the “mate bond”


Or the MC is like, “Ohhh noooo! It okay, I can fix my mate! Cause i’m the one.”


Hey there. Not really a werewolf reader, but I thought werewolf meant it was the body of a half man and half monster form? Not like Twilight werewolves, but the werewolves like The Beast Among Us. Or have things really changed?


I got so tired of so many repetitive traits that I had to write my own werewolf novel on here

But hey, that worked for me! Lots of my fans love how different it is and how they haven’t read anything like it in the werewolf genre. So everyone can always use that for inspiration!

I personally don’t like:

  • Mind Links Not necessarily the premise of them, but the execution. I’ve read so many time “Calling a pack meeting, everyone in the pack house now.” Which again, can work, but often times it just comes across as almost silly. I love when it’s written well, however. It always just feels like a tacked on trait that exists for convenience, rather than intelligent writing. Again some authors use it well, but when it’s not used well, it can really hurt the story for me.
  • The stuttering female MC I don’t get why every female always stutters in front of the alpha. I mean, I do get it, but it’s been done so much that it’s losing its effect
  • The alpha that’s not really an alpha THIS is my biggest complaint. I don’t like when there is an alpha, and he does nothing that shows he is actually managing anything. He’s just “alpha” who does a lot of paperwork. That was the first thing I fixed in my own story. My alpha can lead, makes harsh decisions, and has a ton of scars. I want a leader for an alpha, not someone with just the title.


I 100% agree with all of those things. Being a werewolf writer I find it really hard to not subconsciously include them, it’s become such a norm. I am totally guilty and hate it so much.

Never in my life have I seen anyone as scared as a female MC when talking to her “mate”


Haha yeah I know what you mean about naturally slipping into some of those.

I tried really hard to make my MC not scared of the alpha. She is under unique circumstances, and has to gain his favor, so that helps her build a fake confidence. But Cora is also a character that naturally can be independent. My alpha doesn’t want someone who can’t defend herself either, so I had to make my MC fill those shoes. It’s worked really well so far.

I think that was the trick to writing a stronger female character - make the male desire someone who is naturally strong. It helped ground me in writing my female MC


Mine would have to be the expected sexual encounters, mental and physical abuse, and kidnapping. “Badass” females who turn out to be just bad and bratty. Adding something in to a story just because it’s in other stories and not actually developing it…examples are the moon goddess, mates, mind linking and telepathy, the position of Luna, rogues, omega, packs.

One thing I honestly hate most is the underage mate with the much older Alpha male or Alphas son, who despite being at least 10 - 15 years older than his underage mate, does not age or exhibit any kind of maturity when she comes of age.

I could probably keep going but they’re the ones at the forefront of my mind rn.


I think that phrase is all that needs to be said. It’s so true. There are things that just exist, and no explanation is given. For me, writing the history as the story progresses is half the fun. It makes the world feel real.


Oh gods the illness. It really shits me when its cancer and then the whole “the love of a mate will cure you of your ailment”. I mean I know it’s fantasy story but that’s a bit of a stretch :joy::joy::joy:


YES OMG. The mature thing is so angering, especially being a werewolf writer myself, everyone just assumes my book is going to be full of mature scenes because I tend to use really raw language.

Most of the time the “strong female leads” are just very stubborn and borderline rude, that shouldn’t classified as “strong” but maybe “headstrong”

Okay and stories that feature a very young mate really make me uncomfortable.


I mean, in the past I was guilty of doing a couple of these coughLunaAlphaFemalecough but that was before I realised I didn’t have to base my world on anyone elses, how someone else incorporated and developed these things was not how I had to do it and that i could add as much history and back story to every detail of the world as i saw fit.

I ligitemately think some people just don’t know better…but then some do and milk the shite out of it cause its popular and stuffs.


Yeah for me I took the things I liked from the mainstream stories, and then created a ton of new creatures, cultural details, rules, rankings, etc. Like mine speak Swedish, because of their history about turning into lycans in the age of the vikings. Then again, I hate writing stories where I can’t answer why something is the way that it is. And like you said, that mostly stems from a time where I just wrote and nothing ever was backed up by anything :joy:

I do think that most just don’t know better. I also think there are a lot that just think they are really fun ideas and still learning to write. Sort of like fanfiction, but with the werewolf genre.


I wrote a werewolf book with zero intention of adding a mature scene, by the time I got to chapter…I think it was 15 my readers were literally begging for one. It honestly blew me away just how everyone expects intimacy between two characters even if they don’t get along.

Headstrong! That is exactly what most “strong” female leads turn out to be. Rude, impulsive, naive…they end up being so many other things that strength is never what comes to mind :joy:

Sooooooooooo uncomfortable! Oh multiple mates at the same time and step brother/sister/parent also make me super uncomfortable.


This is just a stylistic choice, but when the person shifts and it’s done in the blink of an eye. Come on, where’s the fun in that? Either give me some kind of painless body shift (a la Animorphs) or show me some really torturous, painful transformation (like the werewolves in The Vampire Diaries TV show).


Yes! Don’t even get me started on incestuous relationships


I hate when it just is “I shift” like okay thats great I guess…