Things in Werewolf novels that really grind some gears



Ahahahahaha, like no. Depression doesn’t just go poof, neither does anxiety or PTSD, etc… It takes actual hard work to overcome these things and some or most ailments will always be there.


I feel like a lot of female protagonists are just very poorly written because they are self inserts.
None of them are developed which is why we see them being ‘badass’ (which is usually just plain rude and cringe but SOMEHOW seems appealing to the men) and then there’s the virgin sacrifice who is just all pure and good and if she’s a werewolf she’s a snowy white one that’s SUPER rare even if when you look back at the novel no actual traits define her despite her being called ‘special’


Don’t know about you guys, but I’m all about a slow build. And on Wattpad, slow build is like 4 chapters. I want to hear about the backstory and who these characters are and how they live before they find their “mate”. And if they’re destined for each other, then I’m looking for the tension to be built before they meet.

*side note: by “hearing about the backstory and who these characters are” I don’t mean a physical description and then one small scene where they get out of bed and tell their life story as they’re getting dressed. :slight_smile:


I’m a huge fan of a slow build up


Right?? It’s so much more satisfying!


The rejecting of a mate then suddenly being like “Oh sH*t, noooo I still want them.”

Way over used. shakes head




Also… I dunno but for me when someone gets turned & all the sudden they’re the “perfect” werewolf or “leader” of the pack… I think I don’t like it cause it’s so over used, ya know?

Like I understand that some people are naturally “alpha natured” but still… I feel like they still need more… training? (Is that the word? hm.)


That confuses and aggravates me. like how?


Exactly! & when the reject mate TAKES them back??? WHAT? No honey no.


What about the alpha being someone in high school or the assumption that there has to be mates in werewolf stories( however this is one of my reasons for reading werewolf anyway)


agreed!! especially when the rejection is because of something SUPER serious. Then the MC just forgets the whole rejection even happened.


I think it depends on the story you read. Sometimes the books are about half man half wolf. Others are like the Twilight books.


Do I have to pick just one? I’ve got A LOT of peeves.


Characters who are still in control of their own actions while in wolf form.

A “new” werewolf who is not in the least horrified to discover what horrible violent things and bloody carnage his or her wolf-self has wrought during the change.

Packs which simply accept new werewolves as members instead of immediately killing them.

Werewolves that never go hunting when they are hungry.

The idiot human who, when her husband / his wife has pleaded that they must be locked in that room with the reinforced walls and door, for three days around the full moon every month, and that the door must never, ever be opened early no matter what, has to go and open the door. And then doesn’t get killed.


Let’s See…

The abusive mate and or alpha trope. Just because he’s alpha doesn’t mean he has to be outright abusive.

The lack of mention about the other members of the pack. They always seem to be no more than stage props, or characters only there to be killed when the author wants some action.

Lack of strong female characters ESPECIALLY mc’s

While I’m on the topic of female MCs, ones that are unrealistic in the least, like she’s the most skilled fighter or hunter or whatever, but acts like a cry baby or a anger toddler when things don’t go her way.

The wolfs are always some how rich or have large expanses of land without explanation for it. If it’s modern day with cell phone and such how the hell do they always have so much land without normal humans popping up at all.

Poorly executed mate bonds. Like hey, i’ve never seen you before in my life, but now i love you more than air itself. I can understand feeling drawn to them, or even the sexual tension. But LOVE, i think not.

The over used mate gets kidnapped as soon as things are going good (or she’s pregnant) trope.

I’m sure i have more if i thought about it, but these are the big ones.


oooh boy. i’ve got a few.

  • the whole “he’s the most dangerous/deadly alpha out there and she’s the softest, purest wolf there is” plot. there’s too many of them out there and most of the time, she doesn’t get a backbone until she’s pushed so far that she’s almost killed from the mate bond or whatever
  • adding on to what @XOXOQueen72 said about using kidnapping, the fact that once they do manage to save the mate, there is no… realistic recovering stage. just mate cuddle sessions and an overprotective alpha
  • she’s the runt/omega of the pack, abused since her parent’s died/that one horrific rogue attack where the alpha lost his mate and has gone nuts, and her mate swoops in to save her. only he’s rough and doesn’t love her like she thought he would
  • the poorly executed, and often repeated, rejected plot. she’s not worthy of him? rejected. she’s so small and weak? rejected! she’s a rogue??? rejected!!


OR, what about the 1 girl like 5 mates trope! Arrrggg it’s like twilight on crack! (and it’s usually cringe filled)


ugh agreed. cringe filled and suuuper sexual. every other chapter there’s a [badly written] sex scene.

i also love how often these female mc’s try to run away… and how they’re always caught and hate their mates more (though of course that all changes when they find out he had to watch his parents die or something). there are other ways to further the relationship!! please!


Ugh, yes! For wolves, they can’t run very well ever! There are so many, and they are so badly done. I don’t mind the death of a parent, but I don’t want it in the form of a flashback ever. single. time. Nor do i like it when I can see/read it coming from a mile away.

It seems we have both been scarred by the overwhelming tropes of this genre. Hello, i’m sorry about the things your eyes have had to read.

But I must admit, i still love it, some how, no matter how much it’s disappointed it in the past.