Things in Werewolf novels that really grind some gears



“female mc is abused. scared of her own shadow, and of the mate that just so happens to pop up just as her alpha is about to hurt her again.” oh… so her parents died in a rogue attack that i’ll see a flashback for in about two chapters? or is her dad the alpha and he blames her for the death of her mother [who for some reason shares almost all the same facial features as our beloved mc]?

that’s very true. despite the scars these tropes have given me, i’ll still… add more :slight_smile: to my library. sometimes the same overused things i complain about serve as a good thing to read when i just want some familiarity


we’re a part of the problem. :joy:


I honestly think more writers need to be like this or adopt this kind of thing. When I first started writing my stuff was shite and that isn’t even an overstatement but I was one of those people who was like “oh yeah I don’t need to put too much thought in to that cause everyone knows why that happens or how that happens.” Then when I started seeing more and more people do that and I would ask “hey so why is this the way it is” and they couldn’t give me an answer I started changing the way I build worlds :joy: but at least we all realise our past selves needed improving :smiley: I still see things I need to improve on :sob::sob::sob::sob:

Agree one hundred percent! The stuff people have posted her are all things people who are learning to write start off with and while its frustrating for others to read them most of those writers will go back and realise how bad they are and change them, some wont care and others will abandon the work because of how cringey it is >.< as much as I hate all the things I’ve mentioned I can’t criticize people too much, at least they are tyring.


There are so many things about wattpad werewolf books that get on my nerves that I just don’t read them anymore.

But I have a question: Are there any other levels beyond Alpha, Luna, Beta, and Omega in werewolf packs? Because I’ve never seen any mention of anything other than those four titles, and I’m starting to wonder if there are terms for all the wolves in the middle or if they just get to be the wolves who aren’t Alpha or Omega. And honestly, I would love to read a story about a sigma wolf, or a theta wolf. You know, something other than Alpha or Omega.


:nauseated_face::nauseated_face::nauseated_face::nauseated_face: when I was a content ambassador one of my jobs was to look through content to make sure things fit guidelines, I hated checking the incestuous ones :sob::sob::sob:


Oh gosh tell me about it! I wish depression did just poof with true love but no such luck :sob::joy:


ah i’ve seen some books where there are gammas. they usually serve as head warriors or just another figure that helps the alpha. there was this one book i read where the gamma was the luna’s protector before they were anything else.

other than that though… nope, haven’t heard of any other positions


I LOVE me a slow build. I remember back in the day when anything between 2 and 5 chapters was a slow build >.< or you know, they hated one another in chapter one and mated passionately in chapter 2 :joy::joy::joy: it makes me laugh though even if it is total cringe fest.


Interesting ;u;


Depends really. I have seen writers do the full Greek alphabet with meanings for all the letters while some add in Delta and Epsilon as…I think it was medics and hunters, some writers don’t use the Greek alphabet at all.

I think if you search werewolf with the Greek letter you want to see you might have more luck finding books containing them :slight_smile:


When werewolves are basically just humans who happen to shift into a wolf, and have none of their instincts whatsoever - except when it is convenient and ‘sexy.’


Huh, cool. Thanks for the tip!


Nope just those in real life. I mean it’s fiction so i suppose people can do what they want. :woman_shrugging:


no worries :slight_smile: hope you find some gems!


Some of these make me scared to dive into the werewolf slush pile lol. I haven’t read much of it on Wattpad


To avoid disappointment I would say know what you want to read and search Wattpad using the hashtag system and not the hotlist, never search using the hotlist :joy:


Don’t be scared! Just be picky! You can usually tell a not so great one by the first chapter. So there’s safety in that.


EVER! NEVER EVER. :sob::joy:


Haha I think its the biggest mistake a lot of potential readers make when looking for werewolf stories :joy:


Agreed. I made it. I made it so many times, I got so frustrated I wrote my own. But even now, I must brave the storm to find the gems that I know are out there.